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“The Frankenstein” – NT Live

Tuesday 25th of October at 18:00

The THOC theatre in Nicosia will host the screening of the play “Frankenstein” from the Royal National Theatre.

The play written by Nick Dir, based on the novel by Mary Shelley is directed by the Oscar-winning Danny Boyle, which features the incredible performance of the actors – Benedict Cumberbatch  and Johnny Lee Miller, who perform the roles of Victor Frankenstein and his creation.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein reanimates a body, which was made from parts different human bodies sewed together. Fearing his creation, he leaves the creature on its own. The lonely, ugly, and childishly naive creature seeks trust and love from the world, however it only get anger and hatred in return. In ultimate despair, he vows to find and avenge his creators.


Place: THOC New Theatre Building
Address: 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia 1096, Cyprus (View on the map)
Contact data: 77 772717


  • Theatre

Ticket price:

  • €10 - per ticket

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