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Private Institute in Cyprus

Private Institute Simplify is a prestigious educational institute, which has as its main purpose to offer solid knowledge and also, urge all students to success.

What matters the most is not how strong or weak is the student but how to comprehend the significance of education, which leads to a successful future. All students have the ability to succeed as long as they truly pursue their aims.

Private Institute SimplifyEducation in Cyprus

The institute has been working since 2012, having all the hi-tech and modern interactive boards and it offers all the various subjects. Through the interactive white-boards, students are encouraged to participate in the lesson with an amusing and interesting way.

It is a fact that participation by the students is required in order for the lesson to be fully understood.

Private Institute Simplify provides all the subjects: Modern Greek, History, Ancient Greek, Latin, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, French, Italian, Logistics (Accountancy), Political Economy and Computers of any age and level, from primary school until university students and adults.


Lessons are taught by well educated, experienced and qualified teachers to small groups of 4 to 8 individuals.

The institute gives the opportunity to the student to study at home exactly what they have been taught during the lesson itself in the classroom. Through the interactive white-boards and the special video, both presentation and teaching of the lesson are saved directly onto the computer and straight afterwards they are downloaded onto the institute’s official website.


One of the most basic rules of the institute is to have proper and continuous communication between the students’ parents.

Informing the parents regularly is necessary, thus knowing how well their children get along with their lessons. The development of appreciation, respect and trust among teachers, students and parents is vital and the students tend to feel at ease and comfortable at the institute.

Teachers and parents together can help the students and offer them the best assistance, accomplishing the best possible outcome.


Private Institute SimplifyPrivate Institute SimplifyPrivate Institute Simplify

Private Institute Simplify always tries to bring teachers, parents and students closer for the best communication possible but also, to create the strongest possible relationships between teachers and students. Knowledge is an essential qualification and Private Institute Simplify does its best to make its students believe in themselves, to understand, make their efforts and set their goals for a better future.

Education and knowledge always open doors widely to new horizons for every student. This is what we do in Private Institute Simplify.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may want to ask about.


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