Superminds English Language Educational Programme for kids

Plato Educational Services was founded in 1972 and became one of the first private educational centers in Cyprus. PLATO has been specializing in education for children, teenagers and adults for over 40 years and offers a great variety of courses (Accounting, IT, Economics, English Literature, Maths, Languages, etc.). For more than 15 years, PLATO Educational services has given great emphasis to professional and vocational training (English / Russian / Greek / Chinese for Business, Tourism, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, etc.), collaborating with various European programs (Transfer of Innovation, Mobility Programs, Partnerships, Eramus+).

Superminds English LanguagePLATO Educational Services is an examination center of CEEA and ICM, which has established strong bonds with many companies in Cyprus and abroad and has several partners from European countries (US, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Lithuania, etc.).

In cooperation with PLATO we are ready to represent SUPERMINDS program, which is an innovative, research-based dynamic educational program made to learn English, in order to help children aged 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

Superminds English Language in Cyprus Educational Programme is an innovative method for teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) and introducing children to Language Acquisition where:

  • Letters, (phonics) form WORDS;
  • Words, form SENTENCES;
  • Sentences, form PARAGRAPHS  and
  • Paragraphs form TEXTS.

Superminds English Language Educational Programme uses the latest technology in English Learning, blending the traditional way of teaching with more innovative and interactive approaches, through the use of books, interactive whiteboards, CDs and DVDs, I-Pads, Muppets, cubes and simulations, Talking Pens, Blocks, Lego, Literature / Creative Writing and Theatre.


Superminds English LanguageSuperminds English LanguageSuperminds English Language

How does it work?

Groups: Children work together in groups sitting at a table with the Superminds English Language Educational Programme Panel (Blocks and Bricks) connected to a Language Lab. Responding to stimuli and questions presented on the computer screen, students place the Blocks / Bricks on the SUPERMINDS touch-sensitive panel. Exciting pictures, music, animation and games stimulate cooperative interaction and make learning a concrete social experience under the supervision of experienced and trained teachers / instructors.

Individually: Children work individually under the supervision and guidance of the teacher following carefully prepared syllabus and lesson plans.

Children work with  I-Pads, Blocks, Talking Pens and video recorders, LEGO, Bricks, Board Games and Puzzles to reinforce and accommodate the structures, lexis, values, skills and konwledge learned during the lesson.

Why do people choose Superminds English Language Educational Programme?

Superminds English LanguageSuperminds English Language Educational Programme adopts the Constructivist Approach that emphasizes learning by doing. By promoting a hands-on and minds-on direct interaction with the content of the program SUPERMINDS, it encourages children to generate their own set of rules and models, which then become the basis for further learning.

  • Cooperative Learning

There is strong evidence that early social and emotional development and language acquisition are closely interrelated. Superminds English Language Educational Programme kids work in groups of 4-6 and develop their Social Skills, Team Work, Communication, Self- esteem and Responsibility values.

  • Multisensory Learning

The Superminds English Language Educational Programme focuses on activating all senses as much as possible. Children take in information through their senses. They learn what they see, hear, smell and do (touch).

The kinesthetic, auditory, and visual stimuli provided by the manipulation of the Blocks, the Bricks and the muppets, the cubes and simulations, as well as by the I-Pads and their responses, offer access to kids to the content of multiple learning styles. That is why Superminds English Language Educational Programme is such an effective learning programme.

Franchising opportunities

  • You will own a quality and innovative product.
  • You will manage an outstanding and strong brand.
  • You will have your own exclusive area of expertise.
  • You will get acquainted with the necessary know how, the outcome of many years experience.
  • You will have the possibility to utilize a wide range of different and interactive tools to create tailored programmes.
  • You will be supported for everything concerning the programme and the development of courses.
  • Superminds English LanguageYou will have the possibility to avail of SUPERMINDS advertisements and merchandising.
  • Your presence on our website will be granted at all times.
  • You will be offered constantly up-to-date teaching supporting tools.
  • Because it’s probably the best English language learning program available on the market today.

Summer courses for Superminds are available in Cyprus.


“I believe Superminds English Language Educational Programme presents an opportunity for authentic learning and really engages kids at a critical learning point” Sofia Rastrelli (Teacher)

Superminds English Language Educational Programme does not just teach kids English. It also teaches skills and values. ” Eleni Christofidou (Director)

“Learning English for kids aged 3-7 has never been so easy and pleasant. Superminds English Language Educational Programme has made the difference!” Suzana Keith (Parent)

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