Childrens’ summer camps and learning English in Cyprus

As well as playing and swimming in the sea, many parents would like their children to learn something during their holiday, for example, English, and consider this when planning the family summer vacation. Others require a childminding service so their children can relax and enjoy the sea while they are elsewhere.

There are a significant number of programmes in Cyprus that can meet the needs of all children and the most demanding parents.

Business and Pleasure: learning English during the holidays

Childrens' summer camps

Children of all ages have an excellent opportunity to learn English, in addition to a varied holiday.

The majority of Russian and English schools in Cyprus provide summer language courses. Usually, classes are in the morning (from 8 am to 1 pm) and include 3-4 English and computer science lessons, where the lessons are in English, and learning is through games.

For children whose level of language knowledge is not particularly high, or for those who don’t have the confidence to speak in an unfamiliar environment, we can recommend classes in Russian schools. The teachers here are also native speakers, but the child can use the Russian language where necessary.

All the children’s classes are in the form of a game: communicating, learning English through practical examples, going on trips and getting acquainted with Cypriot traditions and lifestyle, as well as obtaining comprehensive information about the culture of the UK and Cyprus.

English courses for children

For those children whose level of language is high enough, and where they would like to improve their knowledge or pronunciation, for example, then training sessions in English schools can be recommended.

The cost of language courses in Cyprus is €150-€200 per week. If you’re staying at the hotel, you can also book a shuttle service (the cost varies, depending on the distance of your hotel and the chosen school).

Unfortunately, these programmes are only available in Limassol and Paphos.

In addition to the weekly classes of language learning, children can take part in exciting trips.

For example, in Limassol, group tours for children in the Troodos mountains are available (for picnics, getting to know Cyprus’ flora and fauna and exciting competitions) or the sea (habitats of sea turtles, diving with experienced instructors and boat trips).

The English diving club organises these tours and the children are in the company of English-speaking peers and quickly start to communicate in English. The cost of a day trip is approximately €80 per child.

Summer camps for children in Cyprus

Childrens' summer camps

In addition to short-term educational programmes in Cyprus, there is quite an extensive selection of recreational activities – both during the day with entertainment for children in the summer camp, and for the whole day of their stay in the camp.

Day camps are usually well-organised with Russian and English schools in Limassol and Paphos. Here the children spend time in the camp from 8 am until 5 or 6 pm, depending on the school, and the emphasis is on various entertainment and sporting events.

Children go to the beach, the zoo and a water park (extra charge), various excursions and take part in sports activities.

The cost of the programme for a week’s residence at a summer camp varies from €200 to €250, depending on the school and the duration of stay.

It’s also necessary to take into account the cost of accident insurance (about €20-€30 per stay), the additional cost of school transfer and the cost of trips.

In Cyprus, there are also opportunities for day-stay of children at summer camps. In this case, there are several options for such a holiday.

Some sports schools (e.g. equestrian school) organise a programme which includes a six-day stay at the school (Monday – Saturday), proper nutrition, a variety of entertainment programmes (daily sports and entertainment events, weekly field trips to parks and on the sea, trips to water parks, etc.)

The cost of this week-long stay is about €300. Additional payment for a tour is about €20-€30 per week.

Guided tours for children in Cyprus

Childrens' summer camps

Some Russian travel agencies organise recreation programmes for children on the island without the parents. In this case, the cost will also include airfare, accommodation at the hotel (level 3-4 *) on the beach, a programme of activities (sports competitions, travel, entertainment, trips or excursions), in some cases the schedule includes learning English in Cyprus.

Also, the cost of the journey will include mandatory health insurance for the children, the accompanying teacher from Russia and the necessary costs for security.

The level of safety for the children on the island is very high, and crime is almost nonexistent. Therefore, even if your child flies to Cyprus on their own, you can be sure that an adequate level of security and qualified support will be provided.

The cost of stay programmes, taking into account the above-mentioned expenditure, is about €1000 or two weeks. Note, for example, short-term English language programmes or sports camps if you’re thinking about a holiday in Cyprus with children.

If you are unable to go yourself but want to give your child a holiday by the sea, then take a look at the long-term programmes for camps for children, where they will be well supervised. And the memories they get from this holiday will last a lifetime.


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