Honorable Recognition for Dr Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa

Two stories of the Cypriot researcher, English Teacher and teacher trainer, selected & published by TESOL International Association.


The Cypriot researcher, English Teacher and teacher trainer Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa received an honorable recognition by the International Association of English Teachers TESOL International. As part of its 50th anniversary celebration, TESOL International Association an association with 12.000 members from 150 different countries, recognized seven success stories from around the world that show the impact that TESOL teachers can have on their students as well as the impact that the English Language can have on the life of students.

Dr Metaxa has had both of her stories selected and published on the Association’s journal TESOL Connections-convention special issue: May 2016

The two stories are worth reading, not only for their unique pedagogical messages but also for their humanitarian messages that should always accompany our educational practices.

Dr Metaxa, mother of four children and the Academic Director of XTMPI Private Institute in Limassol, Cyprus ( has also been honorably mentioned by Saint Louis University on the university website for her innovative research on the teaching of English as a second Language through songs. (  Her research, titled, “The Effect of Authentic Songs on Vocabulary Acquisition in the English Foreign Language Classroom” can be found on the following link:

Her method of improving language skills by teaching the new vocabulary through songs could easily be adopted in the teaching of different languages with equally positive outcomes.

Congratulations to another Cypriot woman, who despite her active involvement in the educational arena of her country, does not fail to put Cyprus on the international spotlight!


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