Private English schools

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All licenced private English schools in Cyprus meet the standards of the classic British education system and training programme, using techniques appropriate to the national English curriculum.

Normally the schools in Cyprus include kindergarten, primary and secondary levels.

Cyprus kindergartens accept children from 2 years of age.

The Elementary School opens its doors to children aged 4 – 4½ years going to preparatory class.


Basic secondary education is given from 7th to 11th grade, after which students can go to college. University requires completion of 12th and 13th grades, and A Level exams, held in the school, which are internationally acknowledged and which you can use to gain entrance to all the world’s leading universities.


The cost of education increases for students from grade to grade. The annual fee for one child is €4,000 in the preparatory class, and up to €7,000 in 12th -13th grades.

Students are accepted at the school at any time during the school year, and normally administration will do everything possible to quickly solve any language problems and knowledge deficit for high school new comers.R_Children

Traditionally, in the Cypriot private English schools there is an international mix of students, and all nationalities and cultures are welcome. Russian children will not be lonely as usually about 20% of the students will be Russian.

List of schools

The International School of Paphos
American Academy
Heritage Private School
Foley’s School
Grammar School
Logos School of English Education
Pascal English School
American International School in Cyprus
Pascal English School
Falcon School
American Academy Nicosia
Grammar School
Pascal English School
Med Schools
American Academy Larnaca
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