American Academy – A Private English School in Limassol

The American Academy was established in Cyprus in 1986.

The boarding school works in accordance with the British educational system. It has a Licence from the Education Ministry and аccreditation with international centers EDEXCEL and City & Guilds. Children over 2 years of age can be admitted to the private English school as there is a kindergarten (pre-school ages are from 2-4 years).

Children will attend the elementary school for 6 years, from the age of 5 up to 10, and will study the following subjects:  Literature, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Geography, History, Greek, the history of Arts and Technologies, Computing Science, Religion, French and engage in music and physical education.

Школа-пансион Американской Академии на КипреFrom the ages of 11 and 18 lessons are taken in the senior school of the Academy.  Students from all over the world come to study here.

Studying at the American Academy has many advantages: education and communication in an English speaking environment (teaching is in English), living in a European country with the opportunity to integrate into the culture, developmental free time is provided as is the possibility of additional education if required and, of course, there are also healthy outdoor activities to be enjoyed by the sea.

Once they graduate, students will receive a state certificate of the Republic of Cyprus, a GCSE certificate, which is the English equivalent and necessary for admittance to an English language higher education establishment, a TOEFL or IELTS certificate to confirm the level of knowledge of the English language, and an A-level certificate to confirm pre-university level in selected subjects.

The boarding school has its own grounds with a garden, open pool and recreation area. The rooms are comfortable with central air conditioning and internet access.

Students live in double rooms with all mod. cons., including private bathroom and balcony. The school provides four meals per day and a high level of safety with ‘round-the-clock surveillance.

School Programmes

Ιmmersion English

Школа-пансион Американской Академии на КипреThe Immersion English Programme (from 3 months to 2 years).  It is combined with the main curriculum for those students under 11 years of age with a beginners’ level of English.


The GCSE Programme (General Certificate of Secondary Education) (for 2 years) for students between the ages of 14 and 16 with an advanced level of English.  This is the final stage of secondary education in accordance with the educational standards of Great Britain.

Upon the receipt of the certificate the student may be admitted to a technical college, a college in the UK, or continue their education for admittance to university.


The Pre-A-level programme (for 1 year) is for students over 16 years of age with a beginners’ level of the language, to prepare for educational courses in the chosen A-level subjects.  The English course is combined with GCSE subjects.


The A-level programme (for 2 years) is a classic British programme for students aged between 16 and 18 with an advanced level of the language, and is aimed at preparing them for admittance to English language universities anywhere in the world.

After graduation and successful passing of exams, the students receive А-level certificates in their chosen subjects.


The Foundation programme (for 1 year, аccredited by the University of Greenwich).  This is a preparatory programme for foreign students who have a general certificate from their home country, and who wish to continue their education in an English language university.

Special attention (80% of lesson time) is paid to special terms and аcademic English, which is significantly more difficult than spoken English.

The Foundation programme is offered in several versions depending on the chosen subject, business, economy and finance; legal science, political science and sociology; engineering faculties linked to machine-building, civil construction, computer systems, electric engineering and electronics; chemistry, physics, mathematics or biology.

The cost of education is 25, 000 Euros per year.


Школа-пансион Американской Академии на КипреШкола-пансион Американской Академии на Кипре

Summer programme of the boarding school (June 15 – August 15)

The summer school programme is a course with 20 hours of English per week (grammar, spelling and pronunciation).

The programme includes аn audio-visual course, situational and role play games (according to age), and work with a psychologist. In the second half of the day the students are actively engaged in entertainment, sports and fitness games, and participate in events.

The students will receive an international City & Guilds certificate upon successful completion of exams.

The price for accommodation is 700 Euros per week (the minimum term to obtain a certificate is 3 weeks); 2,500 Euros for 4 weеks.


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