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10 Oct 2016
Top News of the Week


The Russian tourist was arrested neat Varosha

The Russian tourist was arrested on the occupied side for the attempt to take a photograph of Varosha – the ghost-city, which was abandoned in 1974 after the Turkish invasion. According to the local press, the name of the tourist is Roman Krasilnikov, who is 32 years old. During the court hearing he said that he only wanted to have a look at the local attractions and he was not aware that it is forbidden to take pictures of Varosha. Mr. Krasilnikov has released with 1,500 Euros guarantee and he is not allowed to leave the occupied side. Currently he may be sentenced for 5 years of imprisonment. The Russia diplomats and representatives of the UN were already informed about this matter.


The volume of property sales has significantly increased.

According to the statistical data, published by the Land Registry, the property sales in Cyprus shot up by 44% in September. During the month- there were 556 registered deals – both with commercial and residential properties. In comparison, during the same month of the last year – there were only 385 deals. The sales are increasing for the few months in a row now, which signifies partial recovery of the market. In September, the majority of the deals were made by Cypriots. The foreigners were only involved in 25% of the deals. However, these numbers show positive dynamics on the market and as far as the preferences of the purchasers are concerned – the demand in Limassol grew by 70%. In Paphos and Larnaca it went up by approximately 40%.


Application for asylum was declined due to assurances of fair trial

The Cyprus court ruled that Mustafa Seif ad-Din will be extradited to Egypt. The story of hijacker of the passenger aircraft, which landed in Larnaca airport and only after long negotiations, he gave himself in to the authorities, was broadcasted across the globe. The perpetrator, however, failed to acquire asylum in Cyprus and he will face the criminal proceedings at home. The Egyptian authorities have assured the Cyprus government that the proceedings will be fair and that he will not face death penalty.


Forced sterilization: the new animal control scheme

The homeless animals in Cyprus will be sterilized. The relevant programme, which aims to stop uncontrollable growth of homeless cats and dogs, has started this week. According to the environmental welfare office, the homeless animals are frequently getting killed on the roads and die from famine and diseases. However, their numbers are constantly increasing. Getting into groups, homeless dogs may even become threat to humans. It was announced that sterilization will be funded by the government, however private donations are also welcome.

Cyprus sets new records: the smallest painting and the longest human chain underwater


Two Guinness records were announced this week in Cyprus. The local artist Chrisots Kakkoulis claims to have made the smallest painting in the world – 71 mm in height and 69mm wide. The creation of the “Tesey’s Ship” took 1 month to complete. Now his achievement must be evaluated by the staff of the Guinness book of records. They will also have to examine the record set by scuba divers, who made the longest underwater chain – 280 people, whilst holding hands, descended into the Mediterranean sea near Limassol. The Russia Radio actively participated in the setting of the new record (we’ve got divers among our team), as well as provided the informational support. The detailed video report is available on website and on our Facebook page.