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16 Jul 2016
Top News of the Week

Спасатель на пляже Кипра

Swimming under supervision: the lifeguards’ working hours were extended

The beaches around Cyprus are becoming safer. The government decided to extend the lifeguards’ working hours– they will be on duty from 09:00 until 19:00. The working hours can be extended for additional 2 hours if there is a need.

Apparently, the lifeguards themselves, as well as the CTO, were demanding the reform of this sector. In the end, the main reason for the implementation of the changes was a chain of accidents, when 3 people drowned over the last few days on the beaches of Cyprus.

The Cyprus problem: Victoria Nuland met with the leaders of the both sides

The question of the reunification of the island became the main topic during the negotiations this week between the Assistant of the US Secretary of State Mrs. Victoria Nuland, at first with president of Cyprus and the with the leader of the Turkish-Cypriots.

Mrs. Nuland pointed out that both sides are putting a lot of effort in order to finalize the process. She also stated that the US are supporting the peaceful resolution of this issue.

Commemoration of the tragedy in Mari.

This week Cyprus was commemorating the tragedy which happened 5 years ago. On the 11th July 2011 a massive explosion went off on the Naval base in Mari. As the result, 13 individuals were killed and the biggest power station, which supplied half of the island with electric power, was destroyed. The consequences of that tragedy are felt even nowadays.

The cause of the explosion was the breach of storage standards of the explosives – 98 containers with ammunition were simply left outside. The management of the base was unaware of what they are supposed to do with the containers which were confiscated from the vessel “Monchegorsk”, which arrived to the Limassol port on its way to Syria from Iran. Consequently, more than two years the explosives were stored under the scorching sun.

Later, the Minister of Defence faced criminal charges: he was sentenced for 5 years of imprisonment. Lesser punishment was given to the individuals who were responsible for the fire safety on the base.

The economy of the island has not yet recovered from the multi-billion losses suffered 5 years ago.

Luxurious punishment: prison with swimming pool

The female prison in Nicosia got a nice addition, which was widely discussed all over the island. The management of the prison, by probably deciding that inmates are bored, arranged to install a big swimming pool in the prison yard. Earlier, the prison got other nice improvements- gym, drama classes, culinary and cosmetology school, as well as yoga and combat lessons.

Now the public is puzzled: is it possible to correct a person whilst he/she is living in such conditions and whether the inmate will actually realise that that was the punishment.

Cyprus reveals new secrets to the archeologists

During the week, two very important finding were announced. Near Limassol, the archeologists discovered the ancient settlement. The scientists are sure that the remains of the buildings were built more than 10,5 thousand years ago.

Another discovery was made in Larnaca. During the service of the sewerage system, the ancient Roman mosaics were found, which depict the Labours of Hercules. The true age of the mosaics is yet to be determined, but the scientists are presuming that is mas made when Cyprus was under Roman protectorate (i.e. 1-3 centuries AD).