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27 Aug 2016
Top News of the Week

Никос Анастасиадис и Мустафа Акинчи

New hopes: the peace talks have resumed after the summer break

The negotiations regarding the reunification of the island have resumed after the summer break. Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinchi met each other once again in the old airport of Nicosia.

They have discussed the unresolved issues, which are quite numerous. Despite of the fact that the negotiations take place regularly, they do not seem to bring the final resolution any closer.

In the beginning of the year, the President of Cyprus said that the matter of reunification must be resolve during this year. It is still possible that somewhere closer to the Christmas celebrations, the two leaders will arrange for the best gift for the population of the island.

However, the prospect of reunification remains to be quite vague: there is an unresolved issue of immovable property of Greeks in the North and of Turks in the South. Moreover, the prospects of equality of the two communities is a simple matter of maths – Greek simply outnumber the Turks by a large degree. Additionally, Turkish troops still remain on the occupied side.

This week, the official Ankara came up with the incentive to create international police in Cyprus, which would include Turkish troops, however the government of the Republic of Cyprus declines such proposals.

A Russian client lost diamonds worth 200 million Euros in the bakery.

A Russian citizen has lost 4 diamonds worth around 200 million Euros in Larnaca, as reported by the Cyprus media. The bag with precious stones disappeared in one of the bakeries where the victim went for a snack.

According to the Russian man, he has supposedly left his bag on the table and when he remembered about it, he was unable to find it anywhere. Interestingly enough, there is a video surveillance system in the bakery which was not working on that day for some reason.

The staff of the establishment are rejecting any allegations. The victim stated that 4 diamonds went missing – 2 orange, 1 white and 1 green. According to the rumors, the stones which were brought to Cyprus from Russia were not insured.

The security services in Paphos Airport went on alert

An interesting event has occurred this week in city of Paphos. All security services were alerted due to a threat of terrorist attack.

This state of alert was invoked by the two Israeli citizens, who had a gun in their luggage. It was accidentally spotted by the taxi driver who brought them to the airport and who has reported them to the police. The foreigners were arrested and during the search the gun was found, however it was not a real one, but a souvenir.

According to the travelers, they have purchased it in Ayia-Napa and could not even imagine that they will have any problems. The experts, after carefully examining the item, have returned it to the owners. So they have left Cyprus, however how they were met at home remains unknown.

A Bronze Age family tomb was found in Cyprus

A unique archaeological discovery happened in Cyprus. The Swedish scientists were conducting excavation in the Eastern part of the island and found a very  rich tomb back from the Bronze Age (approximately 9th century B.C.).

There were hundreds of ceramic vessels buried in the tomb and a large quantity of well preserved jewelry, as well as weapons and stamps. The scientists have established that there are remains of 17 people, including children. Most probably it was a family crypt.

The Wine Festival has started in Limassol

One of the most anticipated and popular festivals in Cyprus – The Wine Festival, has started in Limassol and will operate for 10 days offering unlimited wine. The residents and guests of the island can almost for free (not taking into account the entrance ticket price) to taste various sorts of Cyprus wine.

There are also activities for the little visitors: they will learn how to make grape juice using ancient technology, watch the performances on stage and enjoy the good food.

The residents of other cities will be able to get to the festival using special buses provided by the C.T.O., which will be working until of 4th September.