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19 Nov 2016
Top News of the Week

Анастасиадис и Акинчи

The Cyprus problem – US President and vice president decided to participate in the discussion

There were many talks about the Cyprus problem during this week. After the negotiations in Switzerland were paused, the leaders of Cypriot and Turkish communities commenced consultation with the other stake holding States.

Nicos Anastasiades managed to discuss his concerns with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. By the way, few days earlier, the ex President of USA Barrack Obama also mentioned the matter of the resolution of Cyprus problem and he pointed out that the resolution can be found in the next few months or even weeks.

It may seem that his words did not bear any real meaning, in contrast with the Joe Biden, who allocated time to call both Anastasiades and Akinchi at the beginning of the week. He thanked both of them for their efforts in the peaceful resolution and in return, they reassured him in their desire to find compromise as soon as possible.

The previous round of negotiations in Switzerland, where the territorial and property ownership matters were discussed, were paused at the request of the President of Cyprus

The refugees, who were deported earlier, got arrested

The story about the refugees, who were rescued by the Coast Guard of Cyprus near Latchi, developed further during the week. It was revealed that 9 out of 128 people were already deported from the island earlier for various reasons.

The Court of Paphos arrested them for one month and, most likely, they will be deported once again. All others, apart from 2 women and an infant, were accommodated in the refugee camp.

Apparently one of the women gave birth whilst she was in the overcrowded boat in the middle of the sea. She and her baby were admitted to the Polis hospital, along with another pregnant woman.

Both of them feel well and their lives are not in danger.

Unpleasant statistics: the proportion of people with diabetes is statistically higher than in the EU.

The level of patients with diabetes in Cyprus are higher than in the EU, as announced by the Minister of Health, who also added that diabetes became the third most frequent cause of deaths in the island. The first two causes are the problem with circulatory system and cancer.

According to the statistical data, there are almost 90,000 people with diabetes, which is more than 9% of the population.

The Minister stressed the importance of the precautionary measures such as healthy diet and regular physical activities.

In contract, the statistics of the “European medical research” was published, which showed that more than 80% of Cypriots evaluate their state of health as “Very good”.

Special Christmas bonus from the government of Cyprus

The government has approved the special monetary bonus for the low-income families.

It was announced that over 7,000 families, who are getting state benefits, can expect the financial assistance from the government. Some 16,5 million Euros were allocated for such purpose.

In comparison with the last year, the amount of the bonus has increased, however the number of eligible families has decreased.

New tourist attractions: After Nicosia, casino will be built in Limassol as well.

The government announced the plan that the first casino in Cyprus may open its doors for the players during the next year.

The casino will be build by the Melco company and the first in order is the construction of the casino in Nicosia. After that, the plan is to open another casino in Limassol, followed by a special gambling resort.

The government expects that casinos will attract additional 300,000 tourists per year.