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11 Feb 2017
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Stanislav Osadchy

Interview of the Russian Ambassador to Cyprus: what to expect?

The conditions of Cyprus to become a united stated must be discussed on the national referendum – said the Russian Ambassador in Nicosia Mr. Stanislav Osadchiy.

Mr. Osdachiy was interview by the “TASS” agency, where he covered in detail the development of the relations between Cyprus and Russia, and his vision of the processes which are currently happening on the island. According to his views, currently there are good conditions to reunify the island and personally Mr. Nicos Anastasiades and Mr. Mustafa Akinci must be praised for this and for achieving such high level of mutual trust.

Additionally, Mr. Osadchiy reminded that only the Republic of Cyprus is recognised by the international community, so Russians, who are visiting the Northern Cyprus are doing so at their own risk. Moreover, tourists must arrive to the island through the airports or marine ports of the Republic of Cyprus.

As far as economical cooperation is concerned, he said the despite it is being constantly tested (by a cut of bank deposits in 2013 and anti-russian sanctions), it continues to be quite successful. There are numerous Russian companies and banks operating in Cyprus and additionally Cyprus is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Russians.

As far as short-term plans are concerned, both sides are actively working on the agreement concerning the evacuation of the Russian citizens from the Missle East in case if such necessity will arise. It is expected that such agreement will be signed in 2017.

Recounting of the votes is possible.

The votes for the mayor of Limassol may be recounted. The voting itself took place in December, but its outcome still stirs the minds of the losing party.

Apparently, Mr. Nicos Nicolaides was elected to be the mayor of the city with just 9 votes ahead of Mr. Andreas Christou. Mr. Christou accepted the defeat and wished success to his opponent, but his party did not agree with the results.

Allegedly, at some voting station the ballots with votes for Chrisou were deemed to be void and vice versa- void ballots were counted for Mr. Nicolaides. The truth can only be revealed after the recounting of the votes.

The new mayor has already assumed his office and he confirmed that he is ready for any necessary steps in order to comply with the law.

The new military vessel is too big for the port.

The reconstruction works of the pier at the Mari military naval base commenced this week. This became a necessity after the arrival of the new vessel, which turned out to be too big!

The sultan of Omman gave the 62 metres long ocean-grade military ship to the government of Cyprus as a gift. It took 2 years to complete the modernisation works and soon the ship will be added to the military forces of the Republic.

It will be used for patrolling of the EEZ of Cyprus and to complete humanitarian tasks. Currently, it is located in the port of Larnaca.

BIG football comes to Cyprus. Which cup are the Russian teams competing for?

For the next two weeks Cyprus becomes the centre of the Russian football. Once gain the island will host the FNL Cup- the tournament featuring the strongest teams from the second league of Russia.

16 teams will compete for getting into the finals. They will be playing on the best fields in three cities across Cyprus, with final taking place in Limassol on the 24th of February. So if you are a true football fan or sport enthusiast- don’t miss it! Especially taking into account that “true football weather” is forecasted: not too hot, yet sunny and with some possibility of short showers.

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