Cyprus Airports

About Cyprus

A very popular tourist destination, Cyprus is also one of the most preferential places in Europe to do business. Annually about 3 million visitors arrive in Cyprus.

How many airports are there in Cyprus? Which airport in Cyprus is more convenient? Where are the airports in Cyprus located? The answers to these questions, plus useful tips on airports in Cyprus, shops, duty-free and transfer information can be found in our articles and in a short information below.

There is a total of nine airports in Cyprus, five belonging to the military departments of the Republic of Cyprus, the UK and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; the remaining 4 are international airports as you can see on the map.

However, official arrival to the Republic of Cyprus or Greek Cyprus is possible only through the airports of Larnaca and Paphos.

The largest airports in south Cyprus are Larnaca and Paphos, located within those respective cities and having a well-developed infrastructure. In the airports, there are duty-free shops, public catering, car rentals, parking and bus terminals.

Nicosia International Airport, after the tragic events of 1974, is now located in the buffer zone and presently closed to civil aviation.

Ercan Airport, the only international airport of occupied Northern Cyprus, is located to the north-east of Nicosia. Flights to the airport of Northern Cyprus are only from Turkey. Entry to the south of Cyprus from the north is against the law.