Dr Petros Stylianou: Qualified Neurosurgeon In Limassol
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Dr Petros Stylianou: qualified neurosurgeon in Limassol

Dr Petros Stylianou is a professional neurosurgeon, with many years experience in Cyprus and abroad. He provides quality and professional medical services, operations and diagnosis, has a modern approach to the treatment of various nervous system diseases, and gives all his patients his individual attention.

Dr P. Stylianou’s Education

Dr P. StylianouDr P. Stylianou had his neurosurgery training and fellowship in Israel (6 years). Received the MBBS after graduating the Medical School of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, and the Master of Science in Neuroimaging for Research from the University of Edinburgh, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Neurosurgery experience

  • Dr Stylianou has been working as a neurosurgeon at the Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel.
  • Doctor also has been a consulting neurosurgeon at the Mediterranean and Limassol General Hospitals since August 2015, as well as at the Aretaeio private clinic in Nicosia.
  • Currently, the doctor is a member of the European Association of Neurosurgeons (EANS) and Spinal Neurosurgery Society (AOSpine).

Foreign language skills

Dr Petros Stylianou is certified fluent in Greek, Hebrew and English.

Conditions treated

Dr P. Stylianou

As a specialist, the doctor diagnoses and treats all diseases associated with injuries of the nervous system. Therefore if you are concerned with signs of a spinal hernia (thoracic, lumbar), frequent dizziness and sudden numbness and pain in the joints you should visit this neurosurgeon in Cyprus.

The doctor, together with traditional treatments, also carries out complete neurovascular assessments and performs surgery on the brain, spinal cord and other organs where necessary.

Visit the neurosurgeon if you have:

  • Traumatic brain injury;
  • Anomalies and diseases of the nervous system;
  • Syndromes associated with the disruption of blood vessels and blood circulation difficulty, in particular;
  • Diseases of the spinal cord and brain, and hernia of the spine;
  • Oncological diseases.

If you require a specialist regarding any of the symptoms described above or are looking for high-quality medical care, contact Dr Petros Stylianou, neurosurgeon in Cyprus.