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Dr. Ria Kyriakidou – Savvidou: specialized Surgeon, Gynecologist-Obstetrician in Cyprus

Dr. Ria Kyriakidou – Savvidou is a highly qualified and experienced surgeon, gynecologist – obstetrician in Cyprus. The doctor is also a member of the Pancyprian Medical Association (PMA), the Limassol Medical Association, the Cyprus Association of Children and Juvenile Gynaecology as well as the Company for Pathology of the cervix and Colposcopy.

Ria Kyriakidou – Savvidou’s qualifications and work experience

Dr. Ria SavvidouDr. Ria Kyriakidou – Savvidou was born and raised in Limassol. After leaving school in 1975, she went to study in Bulgaria.

In 1976, after studying the Bulgarian language, she entered the Medical Academy in Sofia, and graduated with the specialty “General Medicine» in 1982.

From 1982-1987 the doctor continued her education. This time, Dr. Ria Kyriakidou – Savvidou worked at the Science Institute of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Medical Academy in Sofia, while receiving additional education in “The surgeon, a gynecologist-obstetrician.”

1987-1990 – the period of cooperation with the private clinics. Later, until 2004, the doctor stopped practicing, but since October, 2014 has continued to work in the Private Clinic, Achillion (Mediterranean).

Since 1 November, 2014, in cooperation with the Ygeia clinic, Dr. Ria Kyriakidou – Savvidou created her own professional workplace.

Doctor’s scientific and professional activities

Ножки ребенкаDr. Ria Kyriakidou – Savvidou cooperates with the majority of insurance companies and medical funds.

Throughout her career, the doctor continues to actively participate in specialized seminars and conferences both abroad (Greece, Europe, South Africa, India), and within the country.

In addition, the specialized obstetrician is also involved in information programmes for teenage school students, in projects aimed at the prevention of major gynecological problems (particularly breast and cervical cancer), writes topical medical articles as well as lectures, and makes public presentations on gynecological problems.

The range of obstetrician-gynecologist services in Cyprus

Specialized surgeon, gynecologist-obstetrician in Cyprus offers a wide range of medical services, such as:

  • the research and treatment of cervical precancerous conditions,
  • Pap test,
  • colposcopy,
  • ultrasonography of the uterus and ovaries,
  • diagnosis and treatment of period abnormalities,
  • pregnancy monitoring and childbirth,
  • intimate contour correction (with hyaluronic acid),
  • surgical and obstetric interventions.

Dr. Ria SavvidouDr. Ria Kyriakidou – Savvidou’s philosophy

The main priority and aim of Dr. Ria Kyriakidou – Savvidou is, first of all, to identify the needs and problems of every woman, whether the case concerns a teenager, a young woman, mothers or elderly women.

Every woman is unique and needs individual recommendations, treatment and appropriate support.

Turning to Dr. Ria Kyriakidou – Savvidou with your gynecological problems, you will find the professional help and the best results in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


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