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Miltos Papadopoulos Architects – Civil Engineers

Miltos Papadopoulos Architects - Civil EngineersMiltos P. Papadopoulos is a well established architect, whose wealth of experience has provided high quality in the culture and development of Cyprus as well as on an international level. Through the many years of experience, Miltos Papadopoulos has achieved recognition by providing a unique combination of market leading designs, an understanding of the developer’s perspective and a pragmatic approach to construction and costs.

Miltos P. Papadopoulos – about Architecture : “ With over 30 years of practicing architecture in Limassol, we have gained invaluable experience in the design and documentation of high quality prestigious projects. Our extensive knowledge of the local market, planning and construction requirements and our innovative design philosophy has created building solutions that have achieved and surpassed the needs and expectation of both developers and users.”

Miltos P. Papadopoulos founded his practice in 1983 in the centre of Limassol and since then, has steadily expanded as an architecture office having completed projects in all sectors in Limassol, other cities of Cyprus and abroad. By exploring the potentials of new development sites, Miltos Papadopoulos’ practice has developed a passion for understanding the clients’ perspective and thinking outside the box, guiding developers to implement their projects more effectively to achieve the best possible business results.


Miltos Papadopoulos Architects - Civil Engineers

With an extensive portfolio under its name and construction values of selected projects ranging from € 0.5 million to € 40 million, the office has completed projects including office buildings, industrial buildings, sports and recreation complexes, commercial buildings, restaurants and premises as well as the restoration projects.

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