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Oxidative stress test

What is it?

Term “oxidative stress” is mentioned all the time in the realm of science and nutrition, but it is not often clear what it means for your health.

In fact research indicates that oxidative stress is an underlying cause of cancer, so understanding and preventing it is a smart strategy for your wellness.

The process of oxidation happens as our bodies metabolize (or process) the oxygen that we breathe and our cells produce energy from it. This process also produces free radicals –molecules that interact with the molecules within our cells resulting in damage (or stress) to nearby cells, mitochondria and DNA.

How can the test help?

Now, the Oxidative Stress test utilizes a blood sample in order to evaluate the body’s oxidative stress status and antioxidant reserve.

This test can help practitioners identify underlying causes and perpetuating factors for many clinical disorders and help to customize specific treatment programs.


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