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Private hospital Ygia Polyclinic

Private hospital Ygia Polyclinic, which can take 152 patients, was established in 1983 and started working in 1987. It is located in Limassol and is one of the largest private hospitals in Cyprus, fitted with the best equipment.

At the moment, 12 departments operate in the hospital: a clinical laboratory, a radiology department (including МRТ), an intensive care department, an obstetrics and gynaecology department, a paediatric department, a cancer centre (chemotherapy) and others. In 2012 a cardiological centre (a cardiac catheterization centre) was open.

Medical help in Cyprus is offered by the hospital around the clock (the centre has its own ambulances).


Private hospital Ygia PolyclinicPrivate hospital Ygia Polyclinic

The fact that the private hospital and the Defense Ministry of Great Britain have signed a five-year contract to serve the military and their families living on the bases in Cyprus, shows the level of service provided by Ygia Polyclinic.

Hospital Ygia Polyclinic соoperates with higher educational establishments closely: the Medical School of the University of Nicosia (Saint George College, a medical school in London), a nursery school in Limassol, the European University of Nicosia, the Frederick University, the Cyprus Technological University.

Cancer centre on Cyprus

The cancer department offers chemotherapy and targeted treatment, consultations on possible of treatment and information on cancer diseases, аnd renders psychological help and round the clock treatment. It is here that a system of electronic subscription was introduced in Cyprus for personalized treatment.

Computer tomography and MRI in Cyprus


The department of MRI scanning and computer tomography of the Ygia Ployclini hospital is one of the most modern, upgraded and well-equipped in Cyprus. The department is headed by Doctor Kleantis Ioannides.

This department is fully equipped at state of the art level – the system of magnetic resonance tomography 1.5 Tesla (the Excite technology) and the computed tomography scanner (64 scans) can do many tests based on international protocols. Over 10,000 assessments are done in the CT and MRI departments each year.

The Ygia Ployclini hospital offers a full range of diagnostic and interventional clinic examinations, which specialists perform with the use of  safe radiation exposure and the necessary precision of diagnostics.

X-Ray Department

Selenia Dimensions System

Ygia Polyclinic’s Radiology Department has been operating for 27 years and its staff is constantly training to ensure the best possible services are provided to all the patients who visit the department. It is one of the most advanced Radiology Departments in Cyprus.

The head of the department is Dr. Annie Philippou Papoutsou. Each year the department conducts more than 30,000 examinations.

Most of our x-ray rooms use the latest digital detectors providing superior quality images almost instantly, and are linked to a fully integrated RiS/PACS System (Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving and Communication System).

The department conducts the following examinations:

  • plain imaging (X-Rays) e.g. chest, abdominal, skeletal X-rays;
  • breast Imaging Unit with a new state of the art, Full field digital 3D mammography system for screening mammograms, stereotactic biopsies and localization;
  • fluoroscopy, e.g. barium swallow, barium meal, enema.HSG, IVP;
  • ultrasound examinations with high accuracy e.g. organs, triplex, soft tissue, biopsies and localization;
  • panoramic & Cephalometric;
  • bone Density testing.

Clinical Laboratory in Cyprus

Clinical Laboratory in CyprusYgia Polyclinic’s Clinical Laboratory plays a key role in the effective operation of the hospital. The goal of the Laboratory is to provide high quality service and reliability. The head of the department is Dr. Ersi Pieri.

The Laboratory has a full range of modern equipment, highly trained technicians and computer systems that allow the continuous monitoring and management of the execution of the tests. Each year the Laboratory conducts 150,000 tests.

Ygia Polyclinic’s Clinical Laboratory operates 24/7, including weekends and public holidays, in order to provide the best service.

Ygia Polyclinic’s Clinical Laboratory offers the following tests

  • haematological tests;
  • biochemical tests;
  • immunological tests;
  • hormonal tests;
  • microbiological tests.

Cardiological centre on Cyprus (Cath Lab)

The cardiological centre (the cardiac catheterization centre) is open for 24 hours and accepts clients both urgent and by appointment. The department is headed by Dr Majid Kalani. The Cath Lab is fitted with modern equipment and staffed with highly qualified personnel, which allows it to treat various illnesses, including acute myocardial infarction (a heart attack).

The centre offers the following diagnostic and therapeutic services:

  • Cardiological centre on CyprusCoronarography and coronary angioplasty. For 24 hours a day and 7 days a week the service of initial percutaneous coronarography intervention (PCI) for patients with an acute heart attack.
  • Installation of a cardiac pacemaker during such conditions as brachycardia and cardiac failure and the use of defibrillator for patients with ominous arrhythmia.
  • Diagnostics of structural heart diseases, including diseases of heart valves with the help of right-sided heart catheterization, transthoracic and transesophageal echo-cardiography (ultrasound).
  • pericardiocentesis, removal of exudate from cavitas pericardiaca (pericardial sac).

New service

Electrophysiology examination (EPhS) of the heart and treatment (ablation) of such types of arrhythmia as atrial fibrillation (cilary arrhythmia) and atrial flutter, supraventricular and verticular arrhythmia. These services are supplied in tandem with the Arrhythmia Centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

Intensive care department on Cyprus

The intensive care department has fully equipped rooms for patients who have been operated on. Thanks to a smoothly running system, round the clock monitoring of patients can be carried out.

Paediatric department on Cyprus

Private hospital Ygia Polyclinic - children's room

The department is located on the first floor and has a play area for children. All rooms are fully fitted, there are various games, a TV and access to internet in each of them. Parents can stay with the children for the whole treatment period. Additional security is installed in the department (protection for power sockets, controlled window opening, etc.)

Obstetrics and gynaecology department

The department has 28 beds and 2 fully equipped delivery rooms. Each year about 1,000 babies are born in the obstetrics and gynaecology department

Traumatological department on Cyprus

The traumatological department offers round the clock help to the injured, even in cases when no hospitalization is required. About 14,000 people receive medical services in the department. If necessary, the patient can be delivered to the hospital department by an ambulance.

Surgery department

The hospital has 9 operating rooms meant for all types of surgery. The department works around the clock, it performs both planned and emergency operations. Every year the hospital operates on about 9,000 people.

Оpthalmological centre on Cyprus

Private hospital Ygia Polyclinic

An ophthalmological department of YGIA Polyclinic is located in a brand new, ultramodern area of the hospital, which ensures a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for patients undergoing treatment. The new department is fitted with the latest surgical equipment, a surgery room and a separate room for operations of laser refractive surgery. The ophthalmological department of YGIA Polyclinic is the only ophthalmological establishment in Cyprus, which has the most modern infrastructure and provides the latest services. The mission of the department is raising quality of life by offering services to improve eyesight and prevent the development of blindness.

The department offers a wide range of ophthalmological services, including cataract surgery, strabismus alignment, treatment of retina and vitreum illnesses, glaucoma, eyelids, lacrimal apparatus, eye cancer, аs well as keratoplasty.

The ophthalmological department also has a separate operating room for refractive surgery, laser surgery for correction of such pathologies as myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (farsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia (old age sight). The operating room is fitted with a modern excimer laser (Wavelight Refractive Suite – Alcon), guaranteeing a pain free treatment, quick rehabilitation and a successful result.

Теchnology with guarantee. Tomosynthesis of glandula mammaria

Private hospital Ygia Polyclinic

The Ygia private clinic prioritizes services of high quality in the area of health-care. This is why the management of the clinic modernized the hospital by equipping it with the latest digital mammograph, and has been the most innovative in the last few years in discovering breast cancer with the help of a three dimensional (3D) tomosynthesis. Маmmograph Selenia Dimensions System® produced by American company Hologic, is a world leader in the development of diagnostic techniques, a breakthrough in breast cancer discovery, and female health as a whole.

Маmmograph Selenia Dimensions System® is an unparalleled medical device, which carries out tomosynthesis of the glandula mammaria with the help of a three dimensional test, which has the following advantages:

  • exceptional accuracy and the minimal amount of radiation;
  • mammography and tomosynthesis are done simultaneously within one squeeze of the glandula mammaria;
  • suits any type of breast;
  • improved technology;
  • ergonomic design for ease and convenience of use;
  • breast examination with the help of three dimensional (3D) tomosythesis ensures breast cancer discovery with a higher accuracy compared with mammographs of the previous generation (according to recent scientific researches it discovers up to 30% more of malignant tumors)..

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