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Skating ring in Limassol

Visit the coldest place on the sunny island of Cyprus! Everyone who visits the rink late at night on a weekday will have a chance to rest from the hustle and bustle, and dive into the romantic atmosphere of the icy silence!

Located in the shopping centre My Mall in Limassol, the skating rink invites everyone to put their skates on and give themselves away to coolness and winter entertainment with gusto.


Skating ring Onice.grSkating ring

Everyone wants to find new possibilities for entertainment during a holiday, when you can combine fun, sports and relaxation. It is also pleasant to find yourself in a cool centre on a hot summer day and skate.

The skating rink in My Mall provides its visitors with a chance to have a break after shopping in Cyprus and skate in close proximity to the hot beaches and an aqua park.

The skating ring ensures maximum pleasure from skating, allows you to show off your skills, and helps you spend your free time with pleasure and at the same time usefully!

The skating ring offers:

  • an open rink with genuine ice in covered premises, which guarantees an excellent surface, regardless of weather conditions and season;
  • experienced coaches will help you and your children learn to skate correctly and beautifully in the shortest possible time;
  • an extensive choice of skates of various sizes;
  • there are comfortable waiting facilities, where parents can watch their children skating around the rink;
  • discounts are possible for groups of visitors;
  • equipment for skate training and games for children;
  • group hockey and figure skating classes;
  • supervision and support services for children and teenagers.


  • Entrance and skate hire cost 10 еuros.
  • Full day membership costs 15 еuros.
  • Special programmes for schools.

Come and melt the ice!


Skating ring

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