Dimitrakis Driving School

Dimitrakis driving school is one of the oldest official driving schools in Cyprus with more than 40 years of experience. We offer driving courses for all categories (cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles), additional training in theory and practice to obtain a driving license in Cyprus.

Dimitrakis Driving SchoolAt Dimitrakis driving school we understand how important it is for a person of any age who lives in the area of Limassol to conquer the ability to drive, especially for young people who want to get their first taste of freedom, but we also understand that driving is a privilege that must be won.

Knowing the proper driving techniques, practising in a safe and protective driving style, being respectful of other people on the road and understanding how deadly dangerous driving can be, are the traits you will acquire here at Dimitrakis driving school. Your satisfaction and safe driving is our success.

Training in a driving school in Cyprus includes:

  • driving licenses for all categories;
  • theoretical courses;
  • driving practice;
  • test preparation.


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