Mavrides Private Institute

The school:

Established in 2007, this private institute in Cyprus has as a goal to reinforce teaching at the level of primary and secondary education of Cyptus, thus enabling students to achieve higher grades. Aiming at a better academic performance, we prepare our students for the Pancyprian examinations, thus, offering them the opportunity to tertiary education and the prospect of a better vocational future.

The subjects:

  • Mavrides Private InstituteEnglish (as a foreign language)
  • Russian (as a foreign language)
  • Modern Greek
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Ancient Greek
  • Computers
  • Latin
  • Biology
  • Accounting
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • History

Inside the classroom:

Mavrides Private InstituteThe Internet is integrated and through the use of interactive software the lesson becomes more lively and interesting.

Small groups (4-8 students). These are formed based on students’ achievements and goals. Teaching is adapted according to each group’s dynamics and, therefore, students benefit from each other’s knowledge.

Parent-teacher communication:

Apart from the parent-teacher meetings that take place three times a year, parents are regularly informed over the phone about their child’s performance.


Mavrides Private InstituteOur experienced teachers are in continuous communication with parents in our attempt to guide students to their success. Our aim is to avoid gaps in learning and consolidate knowledge.


Continuous monitoring of students’ progress through oral and written exams.

Revision tests:

This is the best method of assessment. Students do frequent mock exams so that they are familiar with the actual exam.

Extracurricular activities:

Mavrides Private Institute

Christmas bowling tournaments, Easter charity football tournaments, paintballing, end of year outing to the water park and many other entertainment events, in the framework of promoting students’ social skills.


Transportation to and from the school is available upon request.


Special discount is given to siblings and students who choose more than one subject.




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