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Agrotourism in Cyprus is catching on

Агротуризм на Кипре


Over the last few years Agrotourism in Cyprus has become increasingly popular, and not just with tourists. More and more locals, young couples and groups of friends, choose cosy cottages in traditional mountain villages instead of luxurious hotels. If the hotels on the beach lose a substantial percentage of visitors in the winter compared with the summer season, so agrotourism provides a steady stream of customers throughout the year.

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) pays close attention to this development, attempting to save the small Cypriot village from ruin and neglect, and make these places more attractive to young people.

Relaxing and spending time in the mountains is a great alternative to the seaside resort. There are many romantics seeking to plunge into Cypriot village life, away from the bustle of the city, and get acquainted with traditional cuisine. Many are attracted by the opportunity to participate in the preparation of halloumi cheese or baking bread.

Домик с бассейном

The main elements of this holiday will be walking or cycling, road trips with sightseeing of Cyprus, encountering the cuisine in the mountain taverns, taking in the amazing mountain scenery, and enjoying the peace and quiet and unhurred pace of life.

It’s also important to savour the character of the village. You don’t have to do without everyday comforts or deprive yourself of the usual pleasures. You can easily find a house with a swimming pool and a fireplace, a large terrace and a garden if desired.

There is a large choice in the tourism market for this type of holiday, catering to all tastes and budgets.

For example, you can rent a house in the village of Lefkara, world famous for its lace and silver handicrafts. A two bedroom house with a pool will cost €160 per night.

Apartments in Omodos village, Στου Κυρ Γιάννη (Greek -. “At Yannis’s”) cost €90 for two, with breakfast.

In the village of Tochni, where there is a Drapia Horse Farm, you can rent a self-catering apartment in the Danae House residential complex from €50 for two persons.

So, weigh the pros and cons and ask yourself what you really want from your holiday. But in any case, no matter what holiday you prefer, collect as much information as you can about the place, and don’t rely entirely on luck or your tour operator.


У ЯннисаДеревня Тохни

Editor’s comment

In my time in French Provence, there was a real tourist revolution with the arrival of agrotourism. People from all over the world reached out to nature for new experiences – the smell of fresh hay, the variety of cheese, simple rustic food and, of course, wine! Simple rustic cabins have become a welcome haven from the ‘gourmet snobs’ and the Côte d’Azur, alpine meadows and Wall Street. I want to believe that Cyprus will fully develop agrotourism, as the island has everything it needs – wonderful nature, rural identify, hospitable villagers, good gastronomic traditions and, of course, high quality local wine. It needs decent PR and information support.

Maxim Okulov

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