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Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum in Limassol

Музей винтажных авто в Лимасcоле

The opening of the Historic and Classic Motor Museum took place on 2nd February 2014, in LimassolThe permanent exhibition was created thanks to the efforts of rally veteran, Dimi Mavropulous.  He is also the owner of most of the automobiles in the collection.

Ралли на Кипре

Although there aren’t any factories actually making cars in Cyprus, the island is world renowned as having one of the most difficult race tracks. Annual international rallies are held here, the first being in 1970.  In 2000 the island hosted the World Rally Championship (WRC).

Many Cypriots believe that buying a good car is a sound financial investment.  Some connoisseurs purchase rare cars, others buy cars for rallies.  If the owner doesn’t take part in the race himself, he often rents out his car to other sportsmen.

Dimi Mavropulous used to participate in the rallies and cherished the idea of creating a museum even then.  Many years later his dream came true.  An opening ceremony took place in the centre of Limassol, in Ypsona, with the participation of Tasos Mitsopulous, the Transport Minister.

A Gift to the First President

Музей винтажных авто в Лимассоле

70 unique automobiles are displayed, each on an area of 1,000 sq.m. representing the era it came from.  Some of the cars belonged to famous politicians and film stars.

For instance, one of the most remarkable items in the exhibition is a Cadillac, which was specially made on orders of the American Government, and later, in 1977, was presented to the first President of the Republic of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarious.  The President never got to use the car as he died two weeks before it was delivered to the island.

The car has long been used by the political elite of the country – it was Cyprus’ first armoured car and it weighs more than 4 tonnes.  All the windows are bullet proof and immovable, but the car was fitted out with the latest conditioning system of the time to compensate for this inconvenience.

An Iron Horse for the Iron Lady

Маргарет Тэтчер

Another exclusive item is one of the three Rover P5s from 1973, which was used by the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher. The Iron Lady had three absolutely identical cars, with the same number plates, at her disposal.  As a rule they would drive in single file, and only a few people close to the Prime Minister knew which car carried Margaret Thatcher.

The oldest and most expensive car in the collection is a Ford T, produced in 1912.  It’s very expensive to keep running as it’s made completely of bronze.  This two seater Cabriolet, with unusual headlights, seems to have driven straight off the set of an old movie.  The car has just two speeds and only rear brakes, and is started by rotating a metal handle at the front.

A Mega Star’s Mini Cooper

Cooper мистера Бина

A green Mini Cooper belonging to Mr. Bean will attract your attention amongst the newer exhibition items.  According to Dimi, the car was purchased at a BBC auction in Birmingham and has all the code certificates.

The museum also showcases luxurious Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Citroen, Volvo, Chevrolet, Austin and Volkswagen cars, popular in the 1960’s.

Part of the exhibition is located outside – this is an old Bradford bus, which shuttled between the village of Fini and Limassol, and one of the first caterpillar tractors produced in 1930, as well as other agricultural machines.

There is a film on the history of car making that visitors can watch.

A Live Museum

Музей винтажных авто в Лимассоле

Dimi Mavropulous hopes that the museum will not be just a storage for exhibits, but rather a venue for those who are interested in automobiles and want to learn something new about them. Dimi plans to create a society of old car connoisseurs and organise seminars and meetings with school children.  A service for renting a vintage mode of automobiles for special occasions, will be available.

The entrance fee is €7, €1 of which goes to charity.

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