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Gynura: a unique gift of nature


Gynura (Gynura Procumbens) – is a plant that‘s relatively unknown in Russia. It grows successfully in Cyprus and is known for its medicinal qualities, thanks to the persistence of a group of enthusiasts.

It’s also known as “Leaves of God”, “Longevity Spinach” and “Cure for 100 diseases”. It effectively reduces blood sugar levels and can normalize elevated levels of cholesterol over the course of a month – this is not fiction, and not a result of expensive modern medicines, it’s the action of a normal looking plant with leaves that taste similar to spinach.

Эд выращивает джинуру в пригороде Лимассола

Gynura growing in the suburbs of Limassol

Gynura‘s curative properties

The Gynura is grown on Via Vitae Estate plantations on the outskirts of Limassol

Careful attention is paid to the environmental friendliness of the process. Gynura changes the quality of life and helps restore the metabolism, especially important today when  there are so many negative factors affecting us – the environment, stress, sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.

Dr. Costas Gregoriou became interested in this product and has monitored patients who’ve consumed gynura over a six month period. What were the results and were our ancestors right to give the plant such a promising name?

A few facts


Let’s first say a few words about Dr. Costas Gregoriou.  He is a therapist and an endocrinologist with many years experience.  He graduated from the Soviet Union, speaks Russian and now has an extensive practice in Cyprus.

First of all, the doctor said “Talking about Gynura, we’re not dealing with a drug, but with a food product that has curative properties”.

The fresh and dried leaves of the plant can be made into a pleasant tasting tea.  No side effects of the plant have been identified and its basic curative qualities are expressed with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects.

There are always free radicals in the human body that can destroy cells, which is one of the major causes of aging.  Gynura binds these free radicals, significantly weakening the effect they have on the body – this is the antioxidant effect.  This is why Gynura is so effective with diabetes, as well as it being a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Gynura is capable of rejuvenating the skin and internal organs, hence the name ‘Longevity Spinach’.

Джинура с лососем

Gynura with salmon

More than 100 of Dr. Costas’ patients have successfully used Gynura, with no side effects observed.

The fresh Gynura leaves and tea made from the dried leaves were taken by diabetics and by patients with elevated cholesterol levels and hypertension.  Fresh leaves (6-7) were taken every morning on an empty stomach.  Tea made from the dried leaves is recommended to be taken twice a day, a glass an hour before a meal.  Gynura proved itself perfectly.

Patients suffering from diabetes either significantly reduced their medication, or stopped taking it altogether. Those who took insulin were able to reduce their doses after regularly consuming Gynura.

Cosmetic tools

Экстракт из джинурыBesides the tea there is now also Gynura oil extract, which has had a stable and positive effect on 500 of Dr. Peter Charalambous’ patients, who has 17 years experience in Germany. External application demonstrates exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. For example the mask, once peeled off, reduced skin inflammation for two hours and its effectiveness can be compared with the hormonal drug, cortisone.

In some cases Gynura extract is even more effective than expensive cosmetics. In the near future, Cyprus will launch the production of the first line of cosmetics with Gynura extract – creams and facial masks, eye creams and liquid soap.


Via Vitae

More details of Gynura are on the website

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