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Cyprus for disabled people

Кипр для людей с ограниченными возможностями

Charity and Social Responsibility

A walk along the seaThe number of people with disabilities, according to the first official report on disability (The Guardian), is constantly growing and by the end of 2014 amounted to one billion people – practically the sixth part of the world population. The attitude of the state and society for people with disabilities ordevelopmental disabilities, shows the level of democracy, tolerance and social responsibility in the country, as well as it characterizes the security of all citizens and visitors. From this perspective, at the global background,  Cyprus stands out and takes perhaps the leading position in Europe for perople with disabilities requiring special attention; offering the comfort to stay in the country. The general mood in the Cypriot society is traditionally characterized by humanism and charity towards their less healthy companions. The authorities of the island are making an unprecedented effort to create a comfortable environment for people with disabilities, give them freedom of movement, opportunities to play sports, participate in recreational activities, to visit monuments of historical and cultural heritage and to live simply, under the tutelage of professional specialized medical institutions.

Disability – a part of life

Cyprus for disabled peopleThe resolution of the World Health Organization states: “Disability is part of human life, nearly everyone of us will be permanently or temporarily disabled at some point in life. We must do more to break down the barriers that isolate people with disabilities “(Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General). In turn, the Guides Association of Cyprus in cooperation with the European Network “Accessible Tourism” (ENAT) picked up the main thesis of the resolution and successfully implemented a plan to attract tourists with disabilities in the resort areas of the island, primarily based on the increasing availability of movement and participation in activities for people with disabilities; offering opportunities through infrastructure optimization. The statement of the Association says: “Millions of travelers with health problems or the elderly would like to travel, have fun and meet new places, their numbers are rising, that is why the tourist services on the island should become more accessible to these people.”

Availability of tourist and transportation services for people with disabilities in Cyprus

The main task, which was successfully solved in Cyprus, is the creation of a common set of facilities and transportation links between them, working with the necessary requirements to serve disabled people. This includes airports, hotels, means of transport, sightseeing tours, entertainment and recreation, beaches, etc.

Thus, the modern international airports of Larnaca and Paphos provide by specialized lifts, lifts for the entry and exit of passengers with disabilities on and off the planes and are equipped with the necessary number of wheelchairs and comfortable sanitary facilities. The airports are staffed with professional experts, as well as assistants to accompany people with disabilities. The cost of a specialized transfer, depending on the airport and the final destination is 213-493 euros for 4 people (minibus). When taking a passenger with a disability, for example, at the airport, after disembarking from the vehicle, the driver announces this to the “help desk” by clicking on the “help button” intercom, which is on the curb in front of the terminal building (at ports of entry). After that immediately a worker with a wheelchair comes out to accompany the person with the disability or reduced mobility to a special desk to assist them in the building of the terminal for processing their registration and boarding the aircraft.


specialized facilities for disabled people in Cyprus

The island has also organized a safe and easy way to access the sea for people with disabilities, based on the established controlled devices Seatrac on five beaches in Cyprus, providing people in wheelchairs the opportunity of an independent entrance in the water on the wooden ramp (the beaches Yianna Mari in Protaras, Vathia Gonia in Ayia Napa, Akti Olympion in Limassol and SODAP and Polis Chrysochous in Paphos).

In Cyprus, the ubiquitous spread of the use of special stickers for the disabled is also a common phenomenon, which are easily obtained from the Cyprus Organization of Disabled in Nicosia.

Hotels for disabled guests

An elderly woman in the simulator

Many hotels of all levels in all parts of the island have the capacity to accommodate people with disabilities, from specially equipped rooms to complex support during the holidays, providing them with informative and excursion activities, and health care. Booking rooms in hotels in Cyprus with facilities for the disabled must be made in advance, ensuring the best possible comfort for the guests. One of the most popular among tourists with disabilities from around the world in Cyprus is the C & A Tourist Apartments and Evas Apartments in the village Latchi (city policy). The owner of the complex, having been himself in a wheelchair for several decades, is well aware of the needs of his brethren, so even at the stage of building the hotel, he managed to provide for the smallest details and created a special space that facilitates the movement of people with disabilities and makes the stay enjoyable. a special wheelchair for the beachThe resort of Cyprus offers a full range of services – from the collection of guests with specially equipped systems (tail lift Ricon) on the bus from the airport to the organization of wine tastings, visits to popular shops and even para-sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. Latchi beach & weather permits systems equipped with a safe descent into the water, and heated pools with winches for lowering the disabled. The height of tables in restaurants is regulated by the level of wheelchairs, the width of tracks for walking and the paving are specially designed for wheelchairs; guests can always use the Landeez wheelchairs to explore the surroundings. This hotel project has repeatedly received the award of the Confederation of Organizations of disabled people in Cyprus (Cyprus Confederation of Organisations of the Disabled).


Rehabilitation services in Cyprus

services for the disabledUnder the terms of a government contract, the Department of Social Protection of Moscow (Russia) with the “International Rehabilitation Clinic” for disabled children and young people with disabilities under the age of 30 years, as well as patients with cerebral palsy, provide free rehabilitation services by Kozijavkin in Cyprus. The recovery rate includes treatment at the medical center Cerebrehab center LTD (Limassol), airfare and hotel accomodation at theCrown Resort Henipa. The options for the selection of people with disabilities are assigned to the experts of the Scientific and Practical Centre of Children’s Psychoneurology, Moscow’s Health Department and the GAU “Scientific practical center of medical and social rehabilitation.”

Package deals and guided tours for people with disabilities

Many travel companies are actively engaged in charity work and provide comprehensive assistance in the organization of leisure activities for travelers with disabilities in Cyprus; people with disabilities can feel lust like other tourists on the island. The company has developed a number of package offers, so that every guest could combine all the travel routes: the service meets them at the airport and assists them to stay in a special hotel (or a specialized room), arranges a variety of activities, from comfortable visiting tours for disabled people to wedding ceremonies for people with disabilities. The cost of a package offer is  from 375 euros per person per week.


Cyprus for people with disabilitiesCyprus for people with disabilitiesCyprus for people with disabilities

Tours for disabled people in Cyprus are tailored to the individual characteristics of the guests, with the knowledge of their specific needs. The average cost of these trips for people with disabilities in the recruitment of groups of 4 people is:

  • for a tour around the Gulf of Chrysochous – 70-95 euros;
  • for a sightseeing tour of Paphos – 60-90 euros;
  • for an excursion to Nicosia and Lefkara – 90-100 euros;
  • for an excursion to Troodos – 90-110 euros;
  • for tour guide services – 120-150 euros per day.

Parking for people with disabilitiesIn conclusion, we should add that there are also special disabled parking spaces. However, if your vehicle is in a specialized disabled parking space without displaying the “blue parking card” on the dashboard, it can be towed and its owner will be given a fine of 85 euros.

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