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Medicine in Cyprus

Медицина на Кипре

“How much does it cost to have a medical treatment in Cyprus?” – This is a question of interest for all visitors, but especially for those who plan to live on the island.

Of course, if you are planning to move, you must specify in advance the prices and terms of medical care, the possibilities for foreign citizens, etc.

Do I need to buy health insurance for short trips to Cyprus?

medicine in CyprusMedicine in Cyprus, unlike most European countries with designed provisions, for Cyprus, mandatory health insurance coverage is not required. And its design is left at your own risk.

Of course, you can decide that nothing bad will happen, and you will not need the help of a doctor, but it is better to spend 15-20 euros (the cost of insurance for 10-14 days) than later phoning relatives and friends in a panic trying to search for the necessary funds.

Health care in Cyprus is comparable with the cost of medical techniques and treatments in commercial clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg. For example, a regular visit to the doctor will cost 50 euros, the cost of a one-day stay in hospital (without treatment) is about 150-200 euros.

Births in Cyprus

For many years, Cyprus has been a popular for “parental tourism”. According to the “package tour”, the expectant mother arrives on the island, stays here 1-2 months before giving birth and for about a month or two after. During this time, she and the baby enjoy the wonderful climate and the mother herself “feeds” the unborn baby with sun and fruit.


births in Cyprusbirths in Cyprus

Another question asked frequently is: ”what is the cost of giving birth in Cyprus? This depends on the choice of the clinic and place of residence. But on average you have to take into account the following costs:

  • a 3-4 day stay in the hospital during birth – about 2000-3000 euros;
  • tests to be done at the last stages of pregnancy and after delivery, including the baby’s ultrasound – about 1500 euros;
  • services of the pediatrician (a doctor present at birth and subsequent 6-7 consultations ) – about 400-500 euros.

Thus, the birth in Cyprus, on average, will cost you a total of 4000-5000 euros, plus the cost of accommodation, meals, etc. Also, for a certain period after birth, you should check your baby’s hearing – this service is free for both locals and foreigners.

Medical insurance in Cyprus

ambulance services in CyprusIf you plan to permanently live in Cyprus, it is better to get a health insurance. With it you will be protected from a variety of troubles in life and we are sure that you will receive quality health care.

The easiest option of an insurance program is a minimum of medical care, the registration of which is enough to get a pink slip (temporary residence permit) in the migration service. Its cost is about 250-300 euros per person per year.

This program will include ambulance services and a number of services to health care in the hospital (emergency intervention) with limited coverage limits.

The cost of family health insurance (2 parents + child) is dependent on the insurance program. So, if you do not plan to receive treatment outside the hospital, and limited outpatient services (ambulance, stay and treatment in hospital, tests in hospital and other additional services prescribed by a doctor), the cost of the insurance will cost about 2000 euros per year family.

X-rays in CyprusAny insurance program, as a rule, can be paid monthly. The cost of coverage in this case will be about 500 euros per family.

More expensive programs ( 3-4 thousand euros per year for a family of 3 persons) will provide you with coverage of 2 million euros a year and will include both outpatient and inpatient care (home visits, delivery of tests and a lot of other additional services). In addition, a feature of such program is that you can receive services not only in Cyprus but also in other countries.

This type of insurance includes assistance at delivery (all the necessary tests and ultrasound, hospital stays and services of a pediatrician), including a caesarean section.

Doctors in Cyprus

Doctors in CyprusThe level of medicine in Cyprus is high enough: the majority of experts have been trained in Europe (mainly the UK) or in other European countries. If it comes to cancer or serious blood disorders, some patients are sent for treatment to Germany or Israel, where the level of qualification of specialists is higher. In this case, the cost for a stay is covered by the insurance companies.

If you need to get urgent consultation, you can contact one of the medical specialists who have practices and offices in Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos and in other cities. They can organize, if necessary, an examination and negotiate with the hospital.

For example, the cost of an ultrasound examination of the heart for a child will cost around 250-300 euros (complex research of different kinds).

Dentists in Cyprus

Стоматология на КипреDentists in Cyprus are in great demand among the population. Prices for their services are somewhat lower than in other European countries; the quality of services provided and the level of training of the doctors are rather high.

Thus, the treatment of one tooth will cost from 100 to 200 euros, depending on the degree of damage and the type of treatment required.

Do not risk your health!

So, if you are planning a short stay in Cyprus, you’d better buy health insurance from a insurance company from your country that will give you the minimum required coverage of the costs in the event of health problems.

For a long-term stay you had better get a health insurance with extended coverage costs, which will give you the opportunity to receive all the necessary services and assistance of health care professionals. The cost of such insurance will cost about 200 euros per month for a family of 3 people.

Of course, we all hope that medical assistance is not required, but, in our opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry! After all, our health is the last thing we want to risk!