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The specifics of left-hand traffic in Cyprus

Many people know that one should drive on the left in Cyprus – this and other features impose certain requirements when moving around the island. For example, it is important that, as in Russia, at the crossroads, the advantage belongs to the driver on the right instead of the one on the left, accodring to traffic regulations.

By the way, cars rented in Cyprus are easily recognizable by the red number plate, which usually begins with the letter Z.

Traffic on roundabouts

a roundabout in CyprusOne more difference from the European and Russian traffic is the movement in a circle (a favorite to  Cypriots, the roundabout, which can be found even on narrow streets where its presence can not be explained by any logic). In Russia, the movement in a circle, as a rule, is regulated by traffic lights and signs. In Cyprus, cars which have already moved into the circle have the advantage, and the adjustment of traffic is quite rare. At the roundabouts, there are other road rules as well: there are a few lanes that keep track of the road, where the exits are planned. For example, the leftmost lane indicates the first exit, the next lane-  the second exit etc.

If you enter the circle and are going right, turn your right blinkers on and leaving it, your left ones.

The motion of the lanes at the traffic lights

The roads in the cities in Cyprus, as a rule, have one or two lanes in each direction and traffic lights are often found at an additional lane for turning right or left. In Cyprus, the signs are not used for the movement of the lanes, their functions are performed via road markings, which you should pay attention to. But, for example, if there is an additional traffic lane, it is intended solely for the turn, and you can go through there only if you plan to turn.

Another note: if the arrow on a traffic light that regulates the movement of the turn will go out and the green light in on, it does not mean that you can not turn, as long as you give priority to oncoming vehicles.

Repair and cleaning in Cyprus

a car wash in CyprusIf you need to repair a car in Cyprus, it is necessary to take into account that the service stations work in shifts on Sundays and finding an open service station is difficult.

The same applies for car washes. Car washes in Cyprus can be found at almost every gas station. The cost of cleaning in Cyprus is 8-10 euros depending on the rules of the refueling and how you need to wash the car (just outside or inside and outside). Most car washes are closed on Sundays.

Where to refuel the car in Cyprus?

The cost of fuel in Cyprus at various gas stations is about the same, and is regulated by the government. In August 2015, the cost of 1 liter of diesel fuel was about 1.28 euros, the cost of gasoline in Cyprus was between 1.34 euros per liter (petrol with an octane rating of 95) to 1.38 euros per liter (petrol with an octane rating of 98).

Gas stations in Cyprus work on weekdays from 6 am to 6 pm, on Saturday – from 6 am to 4 pm. The rest of the time you can refuel through the automatic cashier. Pay attention to the following fact!  If you use a debit card for payment at some petrol stations in Cyprus, your account will be blocked for the amount of 60 euros regardless of the amount of gasoline that you fill. This amount will return to your card in 2-3 days.

How to fill the car with the help of the machine?

a gas station in CyprusTo do this, you first need to drive up to the column with the appropriate kind of fuel, and then, without inserting the refueling nozzle, go to the machine to pay. After receiving the money, the machine will show the amount of the payment received (Amount). Next, select the button with the number of the appropriate column. The button flashes – it means that the column is ready for usage. You then  return to the column and fill the car. A cashier’s check for the refueling can be obtained by clicking on the Ticket request. This receipt can be useful in the following case: If by mistake you have not calculated the volume of the tank, and it can not accommodate the paid amount of gasoline, the next day you can come to refuel or be returned the payment (the unused amount is indicated on the receive- Not delivered credit pounds).

At the gas station you can also check the car’s oil level, tire pressure, buy refreshments, car accessories and other necessary little things.

What to do in Cyprus in case of an accident?

dealing with an accident in CyprusAs a rule, the police in Cyprus goes to the accident scene, unless there are victims. However, it is better to inform the police about the incident. As in any other country, if you are a foreigner, the police gives more credibility to the analysis of the incident by the presentation of the facts by the locals. It is therefore advisable, if you have the opportunity, use a camera recorder and then film the accident from all angles, as in Cyprus it accepted to move outside of the accident site. You will need to take pictures of the car’s  actual damage spots and of the stopping distances, and even better to write the words of eyewitnesses in the case of a dispute. Then you must call your insurance company and ask a representative to come to the place of the accident.

If the damage is small and there is a chance that both parties are found guilty (“mutual liability”), it is probably best not to use the help of your insurance company, because next year you will lose the bonuses for accident-free driving and the insurance will cost more.

So, good luck! And remember that the police and the locals tend to treat foreigners’ driving with understanding; be careful as always when driving and try to have in mind that in Cyprus the left-hand traffic drivers are the ones going correctly!

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