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A budget trip to Cyprus

Отель на Кипре

A stay with taste for every budget

Probably, many watched the program “Heads and Tails”, where the participants travel to different countries and show the audience how you can have fun in a certain city, having completely different financial capabilities. Characteristically, it is not always a trip with an unlimited credit card balance that is more exciting than if there is not such a large sum.

Here in Cyprus, you can relax in style, stay in a five star hotel or a luxury villa and enjoy first-class service, but also you can find a good and value-for-money apartment, rent a car and go explore the island.


New 3 bedroom villa in Ayia Napa with Swimming Pool2-bedroom maisonette in LimassolVilla near Le Meridien hotel

Consider seasonality

Limassol's seafront promenadeThe first step to pick a cheap alternative holiday in Cyprus, is to take into account the seasonality. As a rule, prices for hotels in Cyprus increase significantly in JulyAugust. In addition, in August, which is the traditional holiday period in Cyprus, discounts are not expected. Most of the hotels are crowded, and in the mountainous areas you will have to book in advance.

Therefore, if you want to relax economically in Cyprus, choose early spring (late April and May is already warm enough on the island, but the sea is still cool) or fall (holidays in late Octoberearly November). In our opinion, it is better to opt for the first week of November: the sea is still warm (25-26°C), rain at this time of year is very rare and the temperature is kept at around 27-28°C.

Officially, the summer season in Cyprus is closed on 1st November, so hotel rates are down and approach the “winter” level.

Select budget airlines

Secondly, if you want to save, pay attention to the proposal for the acquisition of low-cost airlines tickets. It is expected that, since spring of 2016, the “daughter” of Aeroflot “Victory” will begin air flights to Cyprus. And it is assumed that the prices for the season of 2016 will be quite low. In general, the number of flights in 2016 should be sufficient – about 14 a week.

Prices for apartments depend on the season

Villa Paparouna - the bedroom

Prices for apartments in Cyprus are also dependent on the season. During early spring and late autumn there is a great choice of places to accomodate you and the price of accommodation will be much lower. Thus, from 1st November to 30th April, the price of apartments in Cyprus are on average 40% lower than in the season.

In May in Cyprus, prices for hotels are still below the prices of summer, but if you plan a  May holiday, take care of your tickets and accomodation in advance: Traditionally at this time there are a lot of tourists from Russia on the island.

Cheap taverns, cafes, and self-catering places

 To Katoi tavernSeasonality does not influence the price of restaurants and cafes, so  saving here, whatever the time of the year it is, probably will not be successful.

However, in Cyprus, there are many inexpensive taverns and cafes where you can have lunch or dinner for a very reasonable fee.

Dinner for two in a traditional tavern will cost about 30 euros for two (village salad, appetizer and main course, soft drink or glass of wine) in the center of the resort life of the coastal towns and a bit less in mountainous areas.

If you rent apartments, you can prepare your own meals. Any short-term rental apartments are equipped with a kitchen and everything you need for cooking (crockery, cutlery, etc.).

Food prices in Cyprus

Fresh sea bassPrices of products are slightly higher than in Russia because of the difference of the euro against the ruble. For example, a kilo of pork will cost 6-7 euros, beef in Cyprus is expensive because its production is low due to lack of demand from the Cypriots, as well as limited areas for grazing herds (the cost of beef is about 11-12 euros per kilo).

However, the selection of other types of meat is large enough: in addition to pork you can buy the freshest lamb, chicken and turkey. Furthermore, Cyprus has a sufficiently large variety of fish, but the price, despite the proximity to the sea, is different. For example, the price of fresh sea bass in the shops is about 15 euros per kilo.

Where should you buy food products?

Meat and other products in Cyprus are better to be bought from large supermarkets (Alfa Mega, Carrefour, Papas and others). The latest products of meat and fish are usually sold in shops, as well as in “grocery shops” where you can buy fruits and vegetables, traditional cheeses, a variety of farm products, etc.

If you stay in Cyprus and go on a tour to the villages, then pay attention to the village grocery shop: the prices there may be somewhat lower than in the tourist area, and the products you buy are definitely “straight from the garden.”


fruit from Regal Ktimata groceryCyprus sausagesCyprus olives

Multiple numbers and tips

The birthplace of AphroditeSo, here’s what you need to take into account when planning the cost of a budget vacation in Cyprus:

  • the airfare to Cyprus is about 200 euros for a “round-trip” if puzzled to purchase in advance;
  • the rental apartments in the period from May to October, depending on the number of bedrooms and location (for example the average cost of an inexpensive studio in Limassol) will be about 50-60 euros per day;
  • the costs for food for two – 20-30 euros per day, provided that you will prepare it yourself;
  • a total expenditure for two people for a 2-week holiday in Cyprus, provided self-booking, will be 1660 euros – excluding the cost of gasoline, souvenirs and entertainment.

Why Cyprus?

Of course, Cyprus is not among the countries with low holiday prices, but to visit it is worth at least once in a lifetime: a rich cultural heritage and many attractions, beautiful scenery, friendly Cypriots, no visa and language problems, a direct connection with the majority of Russian cities, a high level of security, a short flight, fresh products and the presence of Cypriot fruit at any time of the year; no doubtly, these are not all the advantages of this small Mediterranean island which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world every year.


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