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Autumn in Cyprus: where to go on vocation in autumn?

Осень на Кипре

You may be surprised, but many believe that fall is the best time to travel to Cyprus. In some aspects, it is difficult not to agree. Just imagine: the warm, after the summer time sea which keeps a temperature at around 26 – 27 °C to almost the end of November, no sweltering heat, comfortable beaches with a few, in comparison with the number of tourists in the summer, an officially opened season until the end of October. Thus, answering the question of where to go on holiday in the autumn, we recommend Cyprus!

The Harvest in Cyprus

In September – October the harvest finishes in Cyprus and you can indulge yourself in ripe grapes, apples and pears, plums and figs. In November, the first famous citrus and bananas from Paphos come out – tender, flavorful, absolutely not comparable to those that we buy in our stores.



And, of course, what kind of harvest can do without interesting events and various festivals. It goes without thinking, what to do in Cyprus in autumn. September hosts the very famous wine festival in Limassol, in addition to the relevant festive events in all villages, dedicated to harvesting grapes, cooking traditional Cypriot delicacies, where shushukos (almond grape molasses) has a special place. In October, the largest festival of arts “Kipria” is held, as well as a 10-day sports event. In November you can participate in the olive harvest, to get acquainted with the process of pomace olive oil, and if lucky, pick up a bottle with the freshest olive oil.

Comfortable weather and great entertainment

Aphrodite Hills beachThe weather in autumn is varied and depends on the month. In the early and mid-September, the island is still quite hot, the transition from the summer heat into the velvet season has just begun. The sea is well warmed, swimming at this time can be very comfortable. In late September, the night temperature can already drop to 16 – 18 °C, therefore, if planning a vacation in late September – early October, do not forget to bring light jackets and sweaters for the evening walks along the coast in order to feel comfortable, and have the breeze bring only good feelings.

In October – November, a comfortable holiday in Cyprus is also guaranteed. So if you’re wondering where to go with the children during the autumn holidays, the choice in favor of Cyprus could be the ideal solution. On 31st October  all the water parks close, but swimming in the warm sea and gives great pleasure to travelers. In addition, all the zoos, entertainment centers and amusement parks are open all year round in Cyprus.

Agios Sozomenos ruinsUnusually pleasant are the excursions in Cyprus in autumn. Firstly, compared to the summer, the number of tourists has decreased, there are no crowds, and those who do not like to feel ”part of a group”, will enjoy freedom of movement. Secondly, you can make any arrangements to travel without worrying that you’ll quickly get tired of the heat. Use the hotel services and facilities, visit the path of Aphrodite, the mysteries of the Akamas peninsula, famous archaeological sites, ancient churches and monasteries.

In addition, fall in Cyprus is an ideal time for the elderly and people who have problems with the cardiovascular system to visit, who can not afford to come to the island in the summer because of the scorching sun.

Cyprus mezeConclusion

A real Indian summer starts between September and October in Cyprus and all of the restaurants are still open. Thus, answering the question of where to go to rest in the fall, keep in mind that at this time in Cyprus you will find:

  • the most comfortable temperature of water and air;
  • healthy sea and mountain air;
  • beautiful authentic kitchen;
  • many opportunities for comfort and sightseeing tours.

So, what else do you need to spend an unforgettable vacation!


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