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If you want to purchase an apartment in Cyprus then our review will apprise you of what to pay attention to when choosing an apartment on the island.

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Realestate for sale in CyprusReview of the coast: advantages and disadvantages

If you are looking for an apartment near the coast, then pay attention to where the nearest beach is. If the house is 10 km away from the coast, for example, then you will need to take a car to get to the beach.

The prices of apartments vary depending on the city it’s located in. The most luxurious and expensive apartments in Cyprus can be found in Limassol. The cheapest apartments are concentrated in Paphos.


Advantages Disadvantages
  • Sea;
  • Walking distance to the beach;
  • The absence of major factories;
  • A large choice of restaurants with international cuisine, bars, night clubs;
  • Developed infrastructure;
  • Presence of public transport.
  • An abundance of tourists;
  • Noticeable seasonal changes.

5 large cities near the coast in Cyprus

Apartments in Limassol

Realestate for sale in Cyprus

Limassol is one of the largest cities in Cyprus with developed infrastructure, a variety of private schools, universities, colleges, kindergartens, Russian education centres, restaurants, shops and nightlife. Property in Limassol is popular amongst the Russian-speaking citizens of the island.

Prices of apartments in Limassol depend on the area in which they are located, and on the age of the building.

The most expensive areas are:

  • Tourist area (from Four Seasons Hotel to Crown Plaza Hotel);
  • Amathusia (from Santa-Barbara area to the Le Meredien Hotel);
  • Limassol Marina.

The old areas are the most inexpensive – Zakaki and Trachoni. The prices of apartments in the central part of the island depend on the class and age of the building.

LarnacaApartments in Larnaca

Larnaca is the third largest city on the island. Even though the airport is in Larnaca the life there is calmer than in Limassol.

The city has a few international schools, colleges and a university. Larnaca has a well-developed structure of restaurants and supermarkets.

The price of apartments in Larnaca is 1½ times lower than in Limassol. The prices also depend on when and where the apartment was built.

Apartments in Paphos


Paphos is divided into two parts – Kato Paphos and Pano Paphos.

Kato Paphos occupies the coast where most of the hotels, historical monuments, restaurants and shops are located. This area is more popular amongst Russians and is considered more expensive.

Pano Paphos is the city centre where the main administrative buildings are located. The further from the coast, the cheaper the apartments are. This area is popular amongst British people.

Near the city, there is an international airport and local international schools, universities and colleges.

The prices in Paphos are 1½-2 times cheaper than in Limassol.

Apartments in Aiya Napa and Protaras


These two cities are considered the touristic centre of Cyprus. In the cities that are used mostly during summer season and for tourists, the amount of supermarkets is limited and there are no schools or universities. During winter these areas almost die out.

The apartments in central Aiya Napa are normally located in the older part of the city and are mainly for short-term living. You should also pay very close attention to the authenticity of any documentation.

The coast at Aiya Napa and Protaras is cheaper than anywhere else in Cyprus.

PissouriCountryside: advantages and disadvantages

The quality and price of property in Cyprus depends on the populous and the development of a Cypriot village.

Near to all the cities there are big villages like Oroklini, Pyla, Aradippou, Souni, Parekklisia, Kolossiand many more. In these countryside areas, development of private property and apartment buildings is growing.


 Advantages  Disadvantages
  • Closeness to big cities (10-20 minutes car ride);
  • Low property prices;
  • Low crime rate.
  • Smaller choice of bars and restaurants;
  • Large distance away from major supermarkets;
  • Absence of international educational facilities;
  • Absence of cultural events;
  • Absence of developed public transport.

ТroodosMountain area: advantages and disadvantages

In the mountains of Cyprus, there are many small villages, the population of which varies from 50 to 400 people.

It is quite difficult to buy an apartment in a mountain village, as there are no apartment buildings in many of them.


 Advantages  Disadvantages
  • Low crime rate;
  • Cool summer period (air temperature is 5-10 degrees lower than near the coast);
  • Low property prices;
  • Fewer tourists;
  • Quiet area.
  • Long way from the major cities;
  • No international educational facilities;
  • Small variety of restaurants;
  • No major supermarkets;
  • No cultural events;
  • No medical facilities.

NicosiaThe capital city: advantages and disadvantages

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and is considered the industrial centre of the island with a large amount of apartment buildings.

The prices in Nicosia are lower than in the cities near the coast. The price of an apartment depends on the area, class and the age of the building.


 Advantages  Disadvantages
  • Developed infrastructure;
  • Offices of big international companies;
  • A rich cultural life;
  • A large number of international educational institutions;
  • A choice of restaurants with international cuisine, bars, night clubs;
  • A large number of supermarkets, shops and medical centres;
  • Many shopping centres.
  • Long way from the coast (approx 35 minute car drive);
  • Noisy;
  • Crowded;
  • Higher temperatures during summer period (Sometimes the highest temperature in Cyprus).

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