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Wedding on the Island of Love

Most girls, whether they are ready to get married, or even if there’s no boyfriend in their lives, know exactly how they want their wedding to be. All ideas, of course, are individual, but the main thing that unites them all is a wish for the day to be amazing and that both the bride and the groom will have many fond memories of this special day.

A wedding in Cyprus, on the island of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, is a great way to make your wedding day both romantic and memorable!

Is Cypriot citizenship required for marriage?

Wedding in CyprusIn Cyprus you can get married in church, or just hold a symbolic wedding ceremony.

To answer the question of whether you must have Cypriot citizenship for marriage here, foreign citizens – those from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, UK and others, have the right to marry in any municipality in Cyprus.

Detailed procedures and a list of required documents are set out below.

Preparing for a wedding in Cyprus

The wedding planning process can be quite tedious, and some couples postpone the wedding, to some extent, due to lack of time to deal with all the “red tape” and the preparation.

The good news is that planning a wedding in island does not involve a long list of documents, which leaves you with more time to prepare the actual wedding ceremony in Cyprus.

What documents are needed to register the marriage in Cyprus?

  • Apostillepassports of the bride and groom (the original of internal and foreign passports);
  • birth certificates (notarially certified, translation into English or Greek);
  • non-marriage certificates (for both spouses) – it is issued in the registry office at the your place of registration (certified translation, with Apostille).

If one of the spouses was already married or divorced he/she will need to produce the divorce certificate, or the certificate of a spouse’s death (certified translation, with Apostille).

Attention! By submitting the original document, you need to also make an official translation into English or Greek, and duly certify it. Some documents require an apostille.

Rules of marriage registration in Cyprus

Свидетельство о бракеRepeating the above, foreign citizens are free to marry in Cyprus with the submission of all necessary documentation.

Upon arrival in Cyprus a couple must submit a complete package of documents to the municipality, sign an application and pay a state fee. If you can do it in advance, at least 15 days before the wedding, it will cost just €128.15 in fees. The tax on the fast track procedure is much higher, thus, the filing of documents the day before the wedding will cost you €281.92.

It should also be mentioned that the very next day after the wedding you will need to get your marriage certificate certified. Therefore, be sure to ask the municipality how to do it quickly.

When you return home, you will take your certified official translation of the document to the registry office, where you will affix a stamp on the family situation page, and alter the surname.

Wedding organisation in Cyprus

With so much to do – collecting documents, choosing the wedding dress and the rings, it’s easy to forget the other important things. Just to avoid such a situation, we’ve prepared the Cyprus wedding planning ‘to-do’ list.

  1. Determine the date for the wedding, choose the municipality in Cyprus you want to get married in, and book the date of registration.
  2. Book a hotel, flights and transfers.
  3. Get the necessary documents, translate them into English / Greek, notarized and certified if required.
  4. Receive a pro-visa (issued online within 3 days).
  5. Planning of the wedding ceremony.

Don’t forget to submit an application, along with a package of documents to the municipality, and pay the fees.

After the wedding, remember to get an apostille – it should be put on your marriage certificate (typically this is done in Nicosia), so you will need to check the process for this.

Wedding ceremony in Cyprus

If you have enough free time you can find your wedding stylist, photographer, wedding party venue or organise the wedding banquet by yourself. A special site section on our web-site will help you to find everything you need and more!

For those who plan to fully enjoy their new status as husband and wife, and relax on their honeymoon, we offer the services of wedding coordinator!

Wedding ceremony in CyprusCyprus Inform is professionally engaged in the organization of weddings, including:

  • the selection of dates, booking hotel rooms, tickets, transfers from / to the airport;
  • control over the collection of the necessary documents;
  • date reservation in the municipalities of Cyprus;
  • planning and preparation of the wedding ceremony;
  • wedding banquet and party organization;
  • delivery of apostilled marriage certificate after the wedding;
  • organising the holiday for the new husband and wife.

We will make your Cyprus wedding perfect and unforgettable!