Jack’s Pizza. A Pizzeria in Limassol

Pizzeria Jack’s Pizza – amazing taste for any occasion!

This is a small, cosy eatery next to Makarious street and near Body Line. The menu is Italian fast food – salads, pizzas, pastas. You can have lunch or dinner here, take-out or delivery.

Jack's Pizza


Jack’s Pizza is a family business; the oldest pizzeria in the city, having been established in 1975. The pizza is homemade here, cooked with love and a generous helping of ingredients. A third generation of Cypriots is growing with the pizzeria – the original customers now bring their grandchildren here.

Families come with children to try their favourite Italian food, whilst a KFC restaurant caters to its own customers nearby.


Besides a wide choice of soft drinks, the menu has white and red Cypriot wines from the Shoufas winery.

Try the Greek salad with a wonderful dressing made of olive oil, honey, mustard, vinegar and garlic.

But the main course here is, of course, pizza, with a wonderful dough making the thin base, homemade tomato sauce, oregano and soft mozzarella cheese.

Three types of pizza are the bestsellers.

Cyprus Pizza is cooked with halloumi, luncai, loukaniko and olives. A good combination of Cypriot cheese and traditional local food.

Mediterranean Pizza is rich and juicy, cooked with feta, оlives and tomatoes. This is a feast for fans of feta.

Pepperoni Pizza is an Italian classic – smoked sausage and cheese.


Jack's Pizza. Cyprus pizzaJack's pizza. Miterranian pizza

You cannot overlook the eastern dish of lacmacun – a flat pie with minced meat with spices. The menu has two versions – plain or with cheese.

Jack’s Pizza is an eatery with a history, offering the most delicious, good quality homemade food.


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