Traditional Cypriot tavern in Nicosia

Zanettos TavernThe history of the small family taverna, Zanettos, goes back to the beginning of the last century.

In 1938, former US immigrant, SavvasZanettos, returned home and opened a grocery store and tavern (bakalotaverna) called Tavern Jeanette in the walls of the old town of Nicosia, selling groceries (canned salted meat and fish, alcoholic drinks, beans, and so on.) They also served drinks (wine and brandy), together with delicacies in the store.

A few tables and a bar for individuals or friends was all Zanettos had in the first years of operation. According to old customers, the tavern’s owner fried the fish right in front of them and gave the best snacks of octopus, and a simple but delicious ragout of snails.

In 1960, the owner of the tavern became the nephew of Savvas, Nikos Rop-Zanettos, and in 1997 the family business was headed by Panayiotis Zanettos.

Service and quality

Tavern Zanettos maintains a high level of service, combined with delicious dishes of excellent quality; the best, freshest ingredients only are used by the professional chefs.

The tavern still pays a lot of attention to the authenticity of the dishes and the warm Cypriot hospitality. Through its excellent reputation and the high-quality food, the taverna is very popular amongst both the locals and visitors to the island.


Zanettos TavernZanettos TavernZanettos Tavern


Zanettos offers its customers a traditional Cypriot meze.  The Taverna serves many of the dishes in small portions, but the traditional Cypriot feast will certainly satisfy every visitor.

The Meze in Zanettos consists of traditional Cypriot dishes, including cold appetisers (dips, salads, etc.), hot appetisers (halloumi and mushrooms on the grill), various side dishes and, of course, meat.

Zanettos Tavern - кипрский кофеCyprus coffees and desserts

The taverna does not forget those who love desserts – a good host will always offer traditional Cypriot sweets (glyko) and fruits.

After dinner, be sure to try the original Cypriot coffee, brewed in Turku which the tavern serves in one of three ways: Sketo – no sugar, Metrio – slightly sweet and Glyco – sweet.


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