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Costas Meletiou Consultants (CMC)

Consultant Architects — Engineers — Project Managers

Costas Meletiou Consultants was established in 1996 and provides design services for residential and commercial properties. CMC also undertakes the supervision services during construction, together with Project Management services. CMC can also assess the condition of existing properties and make relevant recommendations for their repair and / or refurbishment.

CMC is based in Nicosia and since its establishment in 1996, has successfully provided services to a large number of Clients in Cyprus, both individuals and corporate. Some of the more notable projects, started or successfully completed, include the following.

Costas Meletiou Consultants projects

New Cathedral for Nicosia

Engineering design and supervision for the New Cathedral of Nicosia and two underground levels for Parking in central Old Nicosia. Construction has begun.

The Heritage Private School, Limassol

Costas Meletiou ConsultantsArchitectural and Engineering design of the new Early Years School building and Multifunction Hall, and supervision during construction and Project Management services. The School was completed in 2014.

Limassol Marina

CMC has acted as advisor to the Government of Cyprus for the development of Limassol Marina which was finalised in 2012. Construction of the last residential properties is continuing. CMC was also the Government’s development advisor for the other Marinas. Construction of the Marina in Ayia Napa began in 2016.

Chapo Tower, Nicosia

Structural design and supervision of a 12 storey building in central Nicosia, residential and offices, with three levels of underground parking.

Elea golf course, Paphos

Project Management, Architectural and Engineering design and supervision of the golf course, club house and road network. The Project was completed in 2010.

Costas Meletiou ConsultantsAphrodite Hills Resort, Paphos

Civil & structural design and supervision of resort, golf course and road network.

Elysium Beach Resort, Paphos

Project management of construction of a 5-star hotel.

New Racecourse and stables for 1,000 horses, Nicosia

CMC carried out the feasibility study for a new modern racecourse for the Nicosia Race Club.

New State General Laboratories for Cyprus

CMC carried out the preliminary design and the feasibility study for the new State General Laboratories in Nicosia. The Client was the Government of Cyprus.

Costas Meletiou Consultants

Limassol Port

Project Management and Engineering supervision services for the extension of the deep water quay by 500m. The client was the Cyprus Ports Authority.

These are some of the projects that have been designed and implemented by CMC. There are many more Projects (Residential, Commercial, Offices, Leisure and Industrial) and more information can be provided upon request.

The services that can be provided are:

  • Architectural design and supervision of construction;
  • Costas Meletiou ConsultantsEngineering design and supervision;
  • Project Management during design and construction stages;
  • Structural assessment of existing properties;
  • Civil works design for technical projects such as roads, marine works, embankments or retaining walls;
  • Feasibility studies and an estimate of construction costs for clients who are considering the development of any Project, Residential, Commercial or Leisure.

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