Kolios winery

The winery is situated on a mountain peak about a kilometer on the outskirts of Statos Ayios Photios village towards the monastery of Chryssoroyiatissa, in the city of Pafos district, 30 km from Kykkos monastery.

Kolios winery

Next to the winery, at a high of 3000 feet, are to be found the “Kolios” vineyards. This same earth that their ancestors have cultivated for more than four generations, is still cultivated today with the same zeal and love.

The grapes are hand picked and immediately go into the workshop for the wine production, which is equipped with the latest technology: low-pressure pneumatic press, a milder press, cool cleaning of the must and kneading in a controlled temperature (in stainless steel tanks equipped with special cooling jackets).

The great height, the plentiful sunshine due to the orientation of the ground and the light limestone soil in conjunction with the dry but cool summer, give the vineyards the ideal requirements for excellent quality grapes with great taste.

From the ancient times the area has been famous for its agricultural products and especially for its grapes and magnificent wine.

This tradition is continued at Kolios family winery, creating Cyprus wines of excellent quality and taste with a lot of love, enthusiasm and a feeling of responsibility.

The winery belongs to the family and each of the owners successfully do their job: Marios, who has been making wine for 12 years, is in charge for the winemaking, Leonidas – for the sales and Efthimia – for the tavern operation.


Kolios wineryKolios winery

The land where the winery is located belonged to Marios’ grandparents and more than 15 years ago (in 1999), when the owners started the winemaking, they firstly made it for a hobby, but then their friends and relatives asked them to make more wine for them so they organized one of the most effective wine productions in Cyprus – Kolios winery. The recipe for wine making is still the same, the only thing which changes is the grape, varying from year to year, but the production process is always of the same high quality.

When Kolios family started building the winery, they found a mountain stream, which since that time it has never dried out. Thanks to the stream in the basement, they can preserve the proper temperature (160C) for the annual storage of wines.

We have specially note that Kolios wines are produced without any chemicals and the vineyards are organic. In just 2 years, Kolios will receive the official approval for organic production.

Two years ago the owners made a full renovation of the winery: they built a tavern with outstanding views, bought new equipment for the wine production and made changes in cellar.


 Kolios winery Kolios winery Kolios winery

One of the most pleasant places at the winery is the tavern with outstanding views of the mountains, which works from Monday until Saturday, but you should make a reservation one day ahead if you are planning to visit. In the tavern you can try traditional Cyprus food, which will be cooked by one of the owners – Efthimia. Usually the price of a freshly home-made meze is around 20 euros per person.

Usually, the tavern works daily for lunch time (1 p.m. – 5 p.m.), but if reservation is made for more than 30 people, the tavern will open for dinner as well.

You can visit the winery daily from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Wine tasting is free of charge for individuals and 5 euros per person for groups.

At the winery you can try a full range of the wines produced here.


Kolios winery

The white variety of “Xinisteri” is grown at an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level, making the “Persefoni” an outstanding wine. It comes in two types of white, dry, and medium dry, with very a fine and subtle aroma to enthuse all those who adore fine white wines. It is served chilled, with fish, white meat, nuts or fruit.


This superb dry rose wine is made from the traditional Cyprus grape variety of “ Mavro” and matured in low temperatures. It is characterized by its refined aroma and thirst-quenching freshness. Ideal for those who prefer a light, refreshing and very pleasant wine. It is served chilled.


An excellent balanced red dry wine, with a smooth velvet taste and soft tannins. It is characterized by the smoothness that flows in the mouth and the exceptional aromas of the original Cyprus grape varieties of “Maratheftico” and “Mavro”.

It is best served at 16-18°C with light starters and red meat. It is recommended to open the bottle 30 minutes before serving.


 Kolios winery

A medium dry red wine, ideal for those who prefer a good red wine but not very dry. It leaves a smooth and pleasant aftertaste.

It is best served at 16-18°C with red meat and strong cheese.


An excellent blending of the two noble varieties of Shiraz and Merlot. It combines the full body of Shiraz with the excellent aroma of Merlot.

Enjoy it at 16-18°C with red meats and mature cheese.


“Maratheftiko”, the king of Cypriot grape varieties, grows dispersed in the vineyards. The grapes are hand-picked separately and processed with a special vinification method to give the deep purple vizantine colour and the rich complex aromas that characterize it.

We could say that in this wine the strength of the Cypriot land and sun is reflected. It is best served at 16-18°C.


A ruby red wine, directed for those who prefer the strong taste of a mature wine. After maturing in oak barrels for 18 months, it is then left for 2 more years in the bottles in order to develop the deep aromas of vanilla and the exotic spices which characterize it.

Served at 18°C with rich spicy dishes with sauces or gravies.


Kolios winery

An European grape variety perfectly adapted to the Cypriot climate conditions. Matured for 18 months in oak barrels, Shiraz promises the greatest.

The production of this superbwine is limited and it doesn’t exceed 3000 bottles per year.

It is very special for those who love singularity in wines.
It is best served at 16-18°C.

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