About Cyprus

Cyprus Life Style

Стиль жизни

British education, colonial style villas, the climate, the special colour of the countryside and the Christian shrines, all make up the special characteristics of Cyprus.  These are some of the components that many British, who come to the island seeking safety, comfort and a better quality of life, like so much.

Diving in Cyprus

Diving in Cyprus

Only a couple of weeks out of the year can be devoted by a diver from London to this hobby, during a holiday in Sharm-el-Sheikh or Eilat for example.  But on the island, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, diving can become an integral part of your everyday life.


Yachting in Cyprus

 Yachting in Cyprus

The sea and the wind! These two powers can provide unforgettable pleasure, the sails taking the wind and the yacht racing along the water. Like diving, yachting can become an intrinsic part of your life, to be enjoyed every day.

Cyprus cuisine Kleftiko

Friends and family sitting ‘round the table is part of the Cypriot way of life.  We will try to share with you our favourite recipes acquired on the island and will try to tell you which food can be bought in the local supermarkets, the prices, and what can be made with it.

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