About Cyprus

I can’t say that hot-blooded Greeks are ideal drivers, but driving in Cyprus really is quite a pleasure.

Many years of British colonial rule has had an impact – Cypriots are very law abiding and there is little lawlessness on the roads.  The quiet, Cypriot way of life is reflected in the driving, and care is taken to look out for other road users.

If you are waiting to pull into traffic it won’t take long before someone will smile and wave you in.  Wave a ‘thank you’ back and return the favour to another driver.

Driving on the left can be a bit of a problem. Hiring an automatic car from a rental in Cyprus company can help a lot with this.

The main problem is remembering the side of the road you should drive to at a crossing for example.  If you remember that the driver sits closest to the centre of the road it should help you. It also takes time to get used to the feel of the car.  The fact that the bulk of the car is on now on your left hand side can sometimes result in small accidents.

The local traffic police are friendly, especially to foreigners (your rental car, with its red number plate, will be easily recognized), and if you get stopped you may get away with just a warning, but you should not take advantage.

You must fasten your seat belts, do not use the mobile phone whilst driving, and watch your speed.  There are three most used speed limits – 100km on the motorway (a federal highway, green signs).  The police will not stop or fine you up to 120km/h; 65 km/h outside the city and 50km/h in the city and built up areas.

Also please be aware when parking.  There is a lot of free parking in Cyprus but you will normally have to pay in the cities, and it’s very easy to get a ticket as wardens regularly ride ‘round checking for unpaid parking.

Google Maps works well on the island, and if you can get internet on your mobile you can use it on your phone.

Have a good trip!

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