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Night clubs and bars in Cyprus: Ayia Napa

Ночные клубы и бары Кипра

The gentle sun, the warm sea, the rich cultural and historical heritage -are not all, for what a lot of tourists come to the island of Cyprus every year. After visiting the local sights, soak in the beautiful beaches and enjoy Greek meals, any tourist asks the question: How should I continue with my recreation and fun schedule; where should I go during the evenings and nights?

For the fans of nightlife and entertainment, who are not seeking for silence and solitude, this Mediterranean island offers a huge selection of bars and nightclubs to suit all tastes, many of which are near the sea, and some are right on the beach. With the onset of night time, when the last rays of the sun disappear, Cyprus is filled with the sounds of music and neon lights of the night bars and clubs.

Ayia Napa for tourists

Bedrock Inn barMost of the tourists will be pleasantly surprised by the competent organization of the island’s nightlife. Almost all of you like this place, which is at a distance from nearby residential areas and hotels that allows any vacationer to fully enjoy a comfortable sleep and rest.

The security of tourists and locals is also at a high level. Any visitor can be sure that at any time, without an incident, nightclubs and bars are accessible on foot or by taxi, from your home or hotel. And one of the features of the Cypriot club industry – there is a constant sensitive renovation and adaption to various requests of guests from different countries.

So, Ayia Napa, which for many years was considered an English seaside resort, dominated by institutions with the traditional English style of service and the Western European repertoire of performers, in recent years, offers a variety of Russian-speaking service personnel, leading performers and Russian pop hits.

Dance bars, night clubs and strip bars

Ayia Napa at nightNight places in Cyprus are divided into two categories – bars and night clubs. But this does not mean that if you go to a bar, you’ll just stand or sit, enjoying the contemplation of the people around you.

Almost at all the bars on the island there is dancing, and, like any club, they can “break away from the full program.” What is the difference between a bar and a night club? It’s simple: the official time for the bars is until 01:30, while nightclubs rarely open before 00:00, and they continue to work until 4-5 in the morning.

Accordingly, traditionally a fun night out starts with bars and continues at nightclubs. But despite the official time, no one will drive you out of the place, they will wait until you finish your drinks and enjoy your company; in some places they will simply remove the extra decibels, and you can continue the evening without bars in Ayia Napamoving elsewhere, but more on this later.

I would like to talk about the “oldest profession” – which is strictly prohibited in Cyprus, and you will never see prostitute standing on the street. But for ”exotic dancers” fans, local legislation provided special places – “cabaret bars” or strip clubs, which can be found on every corner of the island.

One of the features of Cyprus  is the small distance between cities, so in some places where you cannot stay, it will not take a lot of time moving to the neighboring city for its nightlife. So, Ayia Napa can be reached within an hour from Limassol and from Larnaca to Limassol and Ayia Napa in just 30-40 minutes. Each of the above mentioned resorts have their own highlights and popular destinations.

In this article we will introduce you to the bars and clubs in Ayia Napa.

The center of Ayia Napa -a big nightclub

Heaven Rock Garden barToday this part of the island is called the tourist “Mecca” for young people and lovers of  club life around the world. The city is not only famous for its white sand and blue sea, but also has a huge number of places of entertainment, and most of you like this atmosphere, for which it has long been called “the second of Ibiza.”

Nightlife in Ayia Napa starts at 20:00, but in gains full force at 23.00. At nightfall, the crowds of tourists flock to the city center, which turns into one big night club, where everyone can find a bar according to their own musical preferences. For example, fans of rock music will be able to spend the evening in the Heaven Rock Garden bar, and those who can not do without the best dance hits, with pleasure will merge in an atmosphere of celebration and fun in the Bedrock Inn bar, known for its zest – Silent Disco (a disco after the official closing time  which uses headphones).

Fans of Russian popular music can visit Senior Frog’s and Red Square bars, where DJ’s combine Russian and international dance hits with great talent.

One of the most popular clubs in Ayia Napa, within the 100 members of the most popular clubs in the world, according to the magazine DJMag, is the Castle Club. The club is famous for its 3-floored dance floors, on which even the most sophisticated clubber can find a place to suit their taste. The three rooms of the club play R’n B’, disco and house music. During the summer, the club holds parties with well-known DJs, as you can always learn from our posters.


Castle clubSenior Frog's bar

Night club Soho Club Agia Napa offers visitors three different settings of the ambience and floors. On the lower level of the club there is a dance area with decks, where they play the most progressive international mixes. The VIP-zone is located on the central balcony and offers a private and exclusive area. And located on the upper level is the lounge bar, where you can comfortably sit and relax on the sofa while enjoying a hookah and dancing at the bar.

River Reggae ClubAmong popular nightlife places in Ayia Napa we should mention the following clubs: Carwach Disco with music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, traditional English hits and new hits of the season; Starsky’s – one of the oldest clubs on the island with numerous themed parties and promotions; Club Ice, famous for its light shows and foam parties.

It is impossible not to mention the bar Makronissos Kandi Beach, located a little bit away from the main nightlife of the city, but visitors to the island can conquer its incendiary parties right on the beach with a great list of well-known DJ’s. The lovers of dancing can continue until the morning, “at a place where you can continue partying, despite the brightening sky ”- such is the River Reggae Club, open until 7 am.

Bonuses and prices in nightclubs

Makronissos Kandi Beach barThe price policy of nightlife in Ayia Napa is quite different from the rest of the island and it is the mildest. The price of alcoholic drinks varies between 5-7 euros for a drink. In many bars and clubs there are Happy Hours, during which the price of drinks is reduced by 30-50%. Almost every place can be met with a Welcome Drink, as you will certainly be informed by the swarm of barkers who are at a particular bar or club. Many such places will please their visitors with colored cocktails in jars with dozens of tubes for the whole company.

So, we invite you to the city of merry night parties with an atmosphere of infinite joy and relaxation that will forever leave you with great memories. If you come to Cyprus, then, in whatever city you may be staying, a night tour of the clubs and bars in Ayia Napa should appear as a MUST in your list!

Night clubs in Limassol and Larnaca


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