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Church of Paraskevi

Since Paphos is a small city, its museums are conspicuous for their so-called special “homey” character, but their exhibits are originals, not copies as often seen in other museums, and they can be seen in their true splendor, giving you a real feel for those ancient times.

Agios Georgios MuseumAgios Georgios Museum

Naming different regions, churches and monasteries for various saints is the ‘done thing’ in Cyprus, and Saint George is one of the top names on the list. Thus, the museum of Saint George is a church erected in honour of this saint.  It is located on the bank of the Akamas peninsula, near a rocky precipice at Cape Drepano.

Lovers of history and historical digs can see the restored fragments of mosaics which are many centuries old, whilst the picturesque bay provides a stunning view.  Here you can buy magnificent local jars, clay pots, plates and vases.

The Byzantium Museum

Byzantine MuseumThis is a small museum in the old city of Paphos where Cypriot icons, including the oldest icon of Saint Mary, are kept.

The building itself is also very old, adding a special atmosphere to the exhibition.   This is more of a museum of icon painting through the different eras.  There are icons here dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries.

Entrance to the museum costs 2.50 Euros and the caretaker, a friendly young man, will show you around. Taking photos is prohibited.

The Grivas Monument and Museum

The museum is located next to the Saint George Hotel in Chloraka, close to Paphos on the road to Coral Bay.

The complex, which is devoted to George Grivas Digenis, the leader of EOKA (an ethnic political Cypriot organisation), includes a monument and the museum itself.  There is the boat on which he arrived on the island, a large number of photographs of Cyprus of that time, pictures and many newspaper clippings.

Visitors will be interested in a small church built in his honour, which is decorated with various frescos.  Entry is free and there is a lot of information available in Greek and English.  This is a great place for those interested in the history of the island.

Paphos- Ethnographic MuseumPaphos Ethnographic Museum

One of the most ‘homey’ museums is located in the centre of upper Paphos.  This is a small museum dedicated to the traditions and life on the island, and is an excellent place to see what the lives of the people of the area were like from ancient time’s right through to modern day.

There are only a handful of exhibits but all are interesting and educational.  The founder of the museum was collecting for over half a century and now his wife and daughter continue his work.

Several small rooms show the everyday life of Cypriots through the ages and the owners will happily show you around.

The Steni Museum of Village LifeThe Steni Museum of Village Life

A wonderful local museum of everyday life in Cyprus, located in the small and beautiful village of Steni.

A collection of crockery, furniture and clothes is very interesting and tells us the story of the culture and traditions of the local inhabitants.  There is a lot of information about the exhibits but the owner will happily give visitors a tour and talk about the history of the house.

A place both children and adults will enjoy.

Geroskipou folk art museum

Church of Paraskevi

This is a small, rural museum located in the village of Geroskipou near Paphos.  The house was built around the end of the 18th or beginning of the 19th century.  This exhibition will be of interest to those keen in ethnography, folk art and crafts.

The museum preserves Cypriot traditions and culture and it is a pleasant place to walk around with the family and see the ancient buildings, well-tended gardens, the beautiful church, the huge pots for transporting oil, vinegar and wine, the textiles and bread baskets and the traditional work tools.

Information about the exhibits is in Greek and English and you can purchase souvenirs as a memento of the visit.

Paphos District Museum

Paphos District MuseumHere you can see many small items – plates and vases, some of which are almost 5,000 years old, and several well preserved statues as well as some amazing ancient medical instruments.

Also clay vessels used in physiotherapy, which were filled with hot water or olive oil and applied to various parts of the body.

Information on the exhibits is in Greek and English and you can purchase souvenirs as a memento.

Entry is 2.50 Euros.  A visit to this museum will really enrich your knowledge on the history of the island.

Cyprus Museums – Paphos

  • Municipal Gallery: 7 Gladstonos Str, 8046, tel. +357 26930653
  • Geroskipou folk art museum: Leontiou street, Geroskipou
  • Technopolis 20 Cultural Centre: Nikolaou Nikolaidi Avenue 18, tel. +357 70002420
  • The Grivas Monument and Museum: Next to St Georges Hotel, E701, Tombs of the Kings Road, Chlorakas, tel. +357  22305001
  • Byzantine Museum: 5 Andrea Ioannou Street, Adjoined to the Bishopric – Near Agios Theodoros Church, tel. +357 26 931393
  • Paphos District Museum: 43 George Grivas Avenue
  • Agios Georgios Museum: Cape Drepanos, Agios Georgios, Peyia Village
  • Paphos Ethnographic Museum: Exo Vrysis 1, tel. +357 26932010
  • The Steni Museum of Village Life: Steni Village
  • Archaeological Museum of Palaipafos: Kouklia, Paphos, тел.: +357 26432155



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