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The interview for receiving a Cyprus citizenship through naturalization

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Everyone who has ever dealt with immigration issues knows that this elaborate process can bring not only excitement and positive emotions from relocation to a new country, but also significant worries caused by adaptation and visa acquiring, of course.

Finally, everything has been settled, you have turned over a new leaf and you gradually realize that you are totally happy with the country you immigrated to and you are ready to become its citizen.

If you are considering such an option and you have lived in immigration for the period of time enough to receive the citizenship through naturalization – this article is what you need.

Naturalization in Cyprus

Today we want to speak about receiving of Cyprus citizenship through naturalization.

And we want to draw your attention to one of the most important points, which is relevant for everyone – the questions asked at Cyprus naturalization interview.

Recently, the CEO of our company EASY-IMMI Natalia Rudakova has successfully received the citizenship of this wonderful country. The whole process has lasted only for 1 year. If you are familiar with migration system of Cyprus, you know that it is a record-breaking time.

Taking care of our clients and willing to provide you with the most relevant and latest information, we have created the list of questions that Natalia was asked at the interview for receiving her citizenship of Cyprus.

Questions asked at the interview for receiving Cyprus citizenship through naturalization:

  • How did you come to Cyprus?
  • What is your job position?
  • What is your income?
  • What is your financial condition?
  • Do you have any property?
  • Who is the signatory of your form?
  • Do you have any Cypriot friends and how did you meet them?
  • Do you speak Greek? If yes, where did you learn the language?
  • Why do you want to stay in Cyprus? What do you like about this island?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • Are you interested in politics and do you follow local news?
  • What are the names of the President, the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus?
  • What is the biggest problem in Cyprus on your opinion?
  • What are your favorite monasteries in Cyprus?
  • Questions about modern history of Cyprus.
  • Questions about public holidays in Cyprus. What do they mean?

We hope that this information is useful for you to understand the process of receiving Cyprus citizenship through naturalization deeper.

Additional information

Contact us and we will be happy to help you to become a fully legitimate citizen of Cyprus.

The specialists of EASY-IMMI are happy to help you to become a fully legitimate citizen of Cyprus.

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