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2 Jun 2017
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Пожары на Кипре

Helicopter called to help. Cyprus summer starts with fires

Two major fires broke out in Cyprus this week. One on them happened during the military training held by Cyprus army, when soldiers were practicing shooting skills at the shooting-range near Larnaca.

Fire was taken under control with the help of fire helicopter, when 10 hectares of wild vegetation was already burnt.

Fire fighting helicopter was also involved in helping to tackle fire in Limassol suburb. Fire spread from a bonfire, where one of the residents was burning leafs and branches. Strong wind was the reason for the fire to spread to a nearby area, burning more than 2 hectares of shrubs and wild greenery, as well as destroying one fire engine. Finally the flame was stopped just metres away from residential buildings.

A man who drove his car into crowd says he tried to escape

A story of football fan riots had further development this week. Police has arrested the man, who drove his car into crowd.  Video footage of this accident, where it is clearly visible how the car hits a person, was posted on Internet.

The owner of the car claims, that his intention was not hurting anybody, rather than escaping from the stones, thrown by the crowd. The person hit by the car was also detained and now will be facing court charges together with other participants for taking part in the riots. He did not suffer any injuries from the road accident.

Polls suggest Cypriots are not desperate for Cyprus reunification

Seems like Cypriots are not too excited about island’s reunification prospects. New results of a social poll were published this week. Participants were asked how they would vote at Cyprus referendum and how they see the island’s future. The research was done among Cyprus citizens , as well as in the occupied territory.

Results showed that 29% of Greek Cypriots are against reunification, only 26% support the idea and 41% of respondents are not sure.  Almost half of Turkish Cypriots though, support the idea of united island, 39,5% are against and every tenth respondent have no certain opinion about the issue

Analysts suggest that the results clearly indicate lack of trust among members of both Cyprus communities. Many believe they could be forced into a climbdown related to the reunification process, which is not acceptable , taking into consideration a long history of the conflict.

The biggest in Cyprus. Grand marina project in Paphos

A construction of a modern marina will start soon in Paphos. The winner of the tender was announced this week.

This will be the largest marina in Cyprus, offering more than 600 berths. The territory of marina will cover more than 60 thousand square meters, featuring residential buildings, shops, restaurants and office buildings.

Municipality hopes that marina project will attract new investors to Paphos.

Swimming season starting. Cypriots are celebrating “Kataklysmos” flood festival

“Kataklysmos” is one of the oldest festivals on the island, first celebrations started 2000 years ago. The festival is built around the “water” theme, where also the Biblical Great Flood is being remembered.

Festival is usually celebrated with various entertaining activities in the coastal areas. People are dancing, singing, playing with water and swimming. It is believed that the swimming season starts on this day.

People are also organising fairs, competitions, dance and music performances in coastal towns and villages.

5th of June is an official bank holiday in Cyprus and all biggest supermarkets and shopping malls will be closed.

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