Plus Sea

Fish Restaurant on the seafront

Plus Sea is a fish restaurant in Limassol, located on the seafront.

Excellent food, good service and an amazing sea view are the main characteristics of this beautiful place. You can sit at a table with air conditioning, or on the couch on the open veranda enjoying the sound of the waves.

The restaurant also has convenient, free parking.  At the weekends it’s advisable to book a table.  For those who love the beach, Plus Sea has 200 sun loungers, so you can enjoy the sun, sea and meals and drinks from the restaurant’s menu.

Plus SeaCyprus Inform Review

Talking about Cypriot restaurants, it would be a crime to ignore Plus Sea.  It’s one of my favourites, located as it is on the seafront, by the Amathusia Residential Complex in Limassol.  There is convenient free parking next to the restaurant.

Plus Sea has a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy the sea view, the fresh breeze with the marvelous smell of the ocean – in perfect harmony with the dishes on the menu.  Yes, Plus Sea is a fish restaurant, and all the seafood dishes here are cooked to perfection.


The restaurant’s interior is charming, with large wooden tables, comfortable chairs and veranda sofas next to the promenade walkway.

The restaurant has a lot of light – the perfect place to enjoy a sunset, when the day smoothly dissolves into the night, covering everything with magical pink hues.


Plus SeaPlus SeaPlus Sea


Plus SeaThe restaurant has an extensive wine list, offering wines from around the world and including the best examples of Cypriot wines.


What to try first from Chef Dimitris Lazarou’s rather extensive menu?  Of course people come here for the seafood, which is fresh, expertly prepared (with a pinch of love), and beautifully presented.


To begin, just order a set of 3 classic dips with grilled pita slices.  There is the mildly hot Tirakofteri with the distinct aroma of Greek Kefalotyri cheese. The classic Guacamole with a slightly sharp taste, and a dip made from aubergine with its smoky aroma.  There is a wonderful mixture of flavours, and a great accompaniment to the first glass of wine.

The next appetiser is a Shrimp Capaccio with crab and lemon mustard dressing.  The chef managed to skillfully cut the raw prawns into thin translucent slices.  It’s a light and refreshing meal where the delicacy of the shrimp is supplemented with the generous taste of crab in a creamy sauce, and the sweet-sour mustard dressing and pepper grains explode on the tongue with the first bite.


Plus Sea - CarpaccoPlus Sea - Scallops

Then come the King Scallops with a soft, creamy cauliflower puree and young emerald spinach, which are an excellent accompaniment to the delicate scallops.

Main course

Plus Sea - OctopusDijon salmon on a bed of spinach and rice, steamed vegetables and parsley sauce with lemon.

An amazingly beautiful dish! Perfectly cooked salmon retained its tenderness and juiciness – bravo to the chef!  Lightly steamed emerald coloured spinach and the light sauce perfectly complements the fish.

Rounding out the meal is Mediterranean octopus.

It’s the classic octopus roasted on the grill, served with fried potato slices and flavoured with aromatic herbs. The meal is crowned with a high quality olive oil, sweet roasted tomatoes and fresh herbs. Nothing else is required.

Plus Sea - Cake


We recommend you try the guilt free low-fat cheesecake, where the aroma of vanilla and the soft cheese filling will drown out any voice of conscience.


Plus SeaDuring the summer the restaurant has 200 sun beds, and you can combine fine cuisine with sunbathing.  If you’re ordering a cocktail, take note of the strawberry Mojito.

Instead of the conclusion

If you want to try fresh seafood by the sea, Plus Sea is perfect.  It offers excellent service and the special atmosphere of the beach restaurant.  Despite the fact that it is located in a tourist area, the place has an extensive clientele of regular guests, which is certainly a positive characteristic of the restaurant.

Maxim Okulov


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