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Love at first sight

Любовь с первого взгляда

Cyprus reader’s reviews

From the Editor. Dear readers, We are grateful for the comments and articles you’ve sent in, some of which we are pleased to publish on the web-site as some of our readers may find them useful.  We suggest you take a look at the article written by Elena, from St. Petersburg, with the author’s photos.

The first time I came to Cyprus was in 2011, and I’ve been coming back ever since for the long summer holiday.  I’ve visited many countries that are amongst the most popular destinations for beach holidays with children – Turkey, Bulgaria and resorts in Italy, Spain, UAE etc., but Cyprus made the whole family fall in love with it from the very first visit.

Гольф-поле на КипреWhat really attracted me to Cyprus?

Firstly, the weather in Cyprus, as there’s hardly any rain in the summer. Even a brief shower during the hot season is seen as a blessing. When I stayed during the hottest months, I encountered rain only a few times over the course of 3 years.

The sea and pool temperatures are so comfortable that I can let the children play for the whole day without any problems.

Secondly, the attitude towards Russians is very good. The locals treat us better than any European or Arab country, and no-one will be hassled by traders as in some other countries.

Рождественские цветы на КипреYou can be sure the locals won’t cause you any problems, but anyway the security here is always provided by the police. They will not serve others ahead of you because you have trouble explaining what you need in English.

You will find a Russian speaker in most restaurants, shops and hotels. Some of our compatriots who live permanently in Cyprus, haven’t learned English as they feel there is no need to do so.

I personally feel there is a need, but the fact remains that even if you only speak Russian you can live very easily in Cyprus.

Thirdly, there is the laid-back pace which you can’t help but absorb. After the first week you’ll be getting into the “siga-siga” (slow, in Greek) rhythm and will no longer find the strict, low speed limits and driving on the left annoying.

Cyprus – is a movement!

Кипрская МаринаI normally come to Cyprus just for a month (my work doesn’t allow me to stay longer) and rent an apartment.

The first time I chose to stay in the tourist area near the sea as I didn’t want to hire a car, but last year I realized how much I was missing out because of this – the best beaches, quaint mountain villages, wonderful wineries and many other interesting places.

Anyway, to hire a car or not is up to you, but if you’re worried about driving on the left then you can quite happily stay at your apartment or villa, just make sure it’s within walking distance from the beach and grocery stores.

Taxi’s are readily available should you need one, and many of the drivers speak Russian.

Cyprus and children

One of the main reasons I chose Cyprus was that it catered to both adults and children – the adults can relax whilst the children are kept amused by the numerous water parks, zoos and amusement parks.


Аквапарк на КипреПарк верблюдов на Кипре

For example, I took my child to an English summer school. The teachers were very good at getting the children to speak in English, and within 2-3 weeks they could speak without a Russian accent. The programme is quite relaxed and the classes are fun. Once or twice a week varied and interesting trips are organised.

The cost of English language training is about €150 a week. There is an additional cost of transfer from your place of residence to the school and back if this is required. Classes are held on weekdays from 9am – 1pm, which gives you four hours to relax and take time for yourself.

Школа верховой езды на КипреAnother option that I really liked was the children’s camp in Cyprus, with horse riding lessons.

The children stay here during the week and there is a wonderful entertainment programme – Jighitovka training, picnics, horse riding, trips to the water parks, the cinema, a herb garden with a maze, cooking lessons where the children learn how to make dumplings, pizzas etc., and much more.

There are about 10-15 children at the camp at any one time and they are always well supervised. A week’s stay at the camp costs €300, which includes accommodation, full board and entertainment. Some excursions and professional horse riding lessons are charged extra.

Friendly Limassol

Кайтинг на КипреI chose Limassol for me and my family to stay in as it’s an old city, and you can easily reach all the places of interest and organise your own cultural and entertainment programmes.

There are a lot of Russians living and holidaying in Limassol, so for those who would like a complete change then maybe it would be better to stay elsewhere. For me it’s not a problem, and if you feel the same then this is the place for you.