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Cyprus. A “whisper” of weather


The island of eternal summer

The locals can argue this statement because they have to wrap up in warm sweaters in the winter: humidity and the wind make evenings by the fireplace incredibly cosy, where flames and sipping hot mulled wine will warm both the body and the soul. But for visitors to Cyprus from northern countries, here there is eternal summer!


Christmas Cyprus

I like winter in Cyprus. December is more peaceful than summer. At noon, when the temperature in most Russian regions drops below zero, on the coast of Cyprus you can have a coffee on the outdoor veranda, enjoying the gentle sunshine, with temperatures of around + 18°C.

The coldest and wettest month is probably February, with daytime temperatures of +14°C and where temperatures at night can drop to 5°C. However, in February there is already a hint of spring: flowering almond, and hillsides covered with lush velvet greens, making the island surprisingly similar to Italy.

n winter, there are many harsh winds and storms, when the sea shows its complicated nature. Inclement weather is quickly replaced by a bright sun which shines on the washed stone bridge embankments and narrow streets of the mountain villages. Now is the perfect time to explore the island by car, a one-hour leisurely drive divides the snowy peaks from the blue surface of the sea.

It’s not, however, very cold for tourists visiting at this time because of the change of weather, a festive mood and being warmed by plenty of alcoholic beverages! But take care to protect the children from the cold wind. If you’re coming to Cyprus for a long time, make sure you bring your winter clothes – sweaters, jackets, raincoats. Almost every winter there are periods when the temperature drops to + 5°C, and this is cold enough for a seaside resort, believe me! Take care of yourself!



In March, it’s so nice to warm in the sun, sitting on the sun lounger! The winds and rain are considerably less, and the air warms up to around 20°C, and the lush greenery and scents of flowering plants create a unique atmosphere for driving or romantic walks.

The weather is similar to the average summer in Russia, but in the evening it’s still somewhat chilly, so do not forget a windbreaker or light sweater.

Swimming season in Cyprus begins in May. Unfortunately, it’s during the May holidays that many Russians flock to Cyprus for the long-awaited time of sun and sea. This is the last period of unstable weather when clouds can suddenly appear, and there are showers. Be prepared for this but know that these are shortlived.


Boy looking into the sky

Kalokeri (καλοκαίρι means summer in Greek). The literal translation means “good weather”. And it’s true! In summer, in Cyprus, there is no bad weather. No rain or high winds. The sea is warm, and the sun is in a cloudless sky. June, July and August are the high season months of the classic beach holiday in Cyprus.

However, Cyprus is an island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and so the temperatures are not prohibitively high, rarely rising above + 35°C, even in sultry August.


The Velvet Season starts in September and the long-awaited time for those travelling without children, seeking peace and moderate temperatures. The sea is still warm, and the air is not too hot. September and October are the perfect times to explore the island and enjoy a comfortable beach holiday.

It usually rains in November. It is rare, and the wind is not too strong, so you can still swim in the sea, but for some, it can seem cold. I love this time of year as there are fewer tourists and the streets are empty, falling into hibernation. The owners of the cafes not closed for the winter are especially hospitable having time to chat over a cup of coffee.



I know a lot of locals who swim in the sea all year round. Typically, the sea temperature never drops below +16C. In December the water is still warm enough — + 19°C, but it is cool in February. My swimming season ends in November and starts in March. By mid-March, the water warms to around 18°C degrees and in May, the water is around 20°C. In August, in my opinion, swimming is not very comfortable as it’s more like a bath, where the water temperature is about 27°C — 28°C.

The mountains

Snow on Olympos

I don’t know if I prefer the sea or the mountains more in Cyprus. I love the combination. In summer the mountains are a safe haven from the coastal heat. The temperature here is at least 4-5 degrees lower than on the coast. And in winter, in December, the peak of Olympos which reaches a height of almost 2 thousand meters, is capped with snow, offering all comers a chance to play, go skiing or sledging, and then go down to the sea and have a cup of coffee to enjoy the gentle breeze. The full ski season usually opens in the new year and continues until mid-March.


In any guide, you can read that there are at least 300 days of sunshine in Cyprus. In fact, there isn’t a single day when the sun doesn’t come out at some point. There is no long term inclement weather or showers that are not soon over. Cyprus is surprisingly good in the rain. In the winter and summer, in the rain, or on a sultry summer day, you’ll always be able to keep yourselves entertained and make your holiday unforgettable!

The average monthly temperature, °C

January February March April May June July August September October November December
daytime +15…17 +14…16 +16…19 +20..22 +23..26 +25…28 +29..32 +29…34 +27…30 +24…28 +20…22 +14…19
ночью +5…8 +4…7 +7…9 +11..13 +14..16 +17…20 +20..23 +21…24 +18…20 +15…18 +13…14 +9…11
воды 17 16 17 18 20 23 25 27 26 24 21 18
днем в горах +2…+7 0…5 +5…8 +13..14 +20..21 +23…25 +25..27 +26…28 +23…24 +19…21 +16…18 +8…10
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