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23 Jun 2017
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3 thousand cases  of traffic rule violation. Police is tightening measures

Around three thousand cases of traffic violations were registered within one week, Cyprus police reports.

Police has conducted a 7-day inspection on the roads, where a particular attention was paid to observing a speed limit within the city borders, which is set to 50 km/h. Police has noted that few drivers were stopped in residential areas with the speed exceeding 110 km/h. All drivers were issued traffic tickets for a significant amount.

Traffic police has substantially increased its presence on the roads lately. As part of special raids, drivers are being checked for use of intoxicating substances, use of seat belts and baby car seats, as well as use of the mobile phones and other violations.

Preparations for Geneva conference underway. Meeting planned for the end of June

Preparations for Geneva conference on “Cyprus problem” are continuing this week. The meeting is planned for the end of June. Organisational work is carried by United Nations Special Adviser  Aspen Barth Eide.

According to Eide, parties should be ready to spend few weeks in Geneva. It is already known that representatives of both communities will be discussing the “guarantee document”, suggested by president Anastasiades. The document should contain interests of both parties, as well as powers and authorities of guarantor countries. The draft document has already been prepared.

24/7 duty. New regulations for the Fire Service

This week a huge forest fire was extinguished in Larnaca area. Firefighters reacted immediately and fire was taken under control relatively fast, even though few square kilometres of greenery got destroyed.

The reason for the fire is still unknown. It was also announced that municipalities are planning to modernize four fire stations around Limassol and Nicosia area. Fire station premises will be renovated and fully equipped with modern technologies to ensure uninterrupted operations 24/7.

More tourists coming to Cyprus? New record numbers reported

New record numbers of tourist arrivals to Cyprus have been reported.  Number of visitors increased by 15% in May, comparing to the same period last year.  Altogether during the last 5 months of 2017, almost one million tourists have visited the island, which is more by 18% comparing to the same period last year.

One of the reasons for significant increase is a special status of Paphos city, which was announced a European Capital of Culture. Statistic data also shows that Russians and Brits remain among the most frequent visitors. Cypriots, in the meantime, choose to travel less and prefer spending holiday at home.

Ayia Napa beaches will be modernized for better comfort

Two new piers for tourists can be soon constructed in Ayia Napa. Municipality is planning to modernize the coastal area of the city. The reason for that is frequent complaints of tourists who are regularly getting injured when trying to access the beach through the stones.

As soon as the project is approved by the Department of Environment, construction of piers will start in the area of Nissi beach, which will become a part of coastal area renovation project.

Construction of a new 5-km long pedestrian and bicycle track is also being planned. Around the path, developers are planning to build sports fields and children playgrounds, as well as install fountains with drinking water and changing rooms. The project is aimed at making relaxation experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

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