Aigialos — fish tavern in Protaras

Fish tavern in Protaras

Aigialos TavernThis traditional Cypriot fish tavern serves a variety of fresh seafood and is located in a beautiful bay with soft, white sand.

It has a large parking area, provides sun beds on the beach, and has an outdoor bar with great cocktails. It is air conditioned but also has a large canopy and fans, allowing customers to settle comfortably in the open air enjoying the sea breeze.

Aigialos is the perfect place to relax on the beach and have lunch or dinner whilst enjoying the picturesque views.

Review from Cyprus Inform

It isn’t easy to find a restaurant in Protaras with quality seafood, and I am very pleased to be acquainted with the Aigialos. The name of the tavern means ‘seashore’, which suits it perfectly as Aigialos is a fully-fledged beachside restaurant.

Visitors are offered comfortable sun beds and umbrellas, the bar has soft drinks and cocktails using original recipes, and you can have lunch or dinner in the restaurant, enjoying views of the Mediterranean Sea, whilst the children play happily on the lawn next to the tavern.

Parking is free for visitors.  There is an entrance fee of €5 which is included in your bill for food and drinks.


Aigialos Tavern Aigialos Tavern - Playground Aigialos Tavern


Aigialos TavernThe Aigialos is fitted out in light wood, which contrasts beautifully with the white sand and azure water.  The expansive room, large canopy and spacious seating all create the perfect atmosphere for a leisurely meal.


The Aigialos has a good selection of wines from Cyprus and Greece. Pay attention to the local white wines from Zambartas, Tsiakkas, and Ezousa.

During summer the kitchen is open daily from 12.00 to 23.00, the beach bar is open from 9.30 am.


The tavern menu has the classic range of traditional Cypriot seafood dishes, and most of the seafood is caught by fishermen working for the owner of Aigialos – everything is always fresh here.

Fish meze in Cyprus

In order to sample all the entrees, try the fish meze – an incredible palette of aromas and flavours.


Aigialos Tavern - Dips Aigialos Tavern - Salad Aigialos Tavern - Crabs

As is tradition, the meal begins with homemade dips, freshly prepared in the restaurant’s kitchens and served with warm, toasted pita bread.

Next comes the shrimp and mussels with olive oil and lemon juice, small, deep fried crab and shrimp in their shells, and bite-size fish cakes with an explosion of flavours thanks to the combination of herbs and spices.  And, of course, a Greek salad, which no traditional Cypriot meal could be without.

The waiter then brings a fish moussaka, cooked in clay and baked under a golden cheese crust; a delicate dish with white sauce and a distinct aroma of dill.

This is a real feast, with dishes coming one after another!


Aigialos Tavern - FishAigialos Tavern - Moussaka

And this is only the beginning of the meal….the waiter then delivers mussels in a cream sauce and rice, grilled octopus with bean puree and potato, and fried calamari.  I especially liked the small squid, cooked whole.

The meze ends with an assortment of small, deep fried fish and, of course, the King of the fish table – tsipouro (Dorado) on the grill, de-boned and with tender white meat.  Add a dash of lemon juice and enjoy with a good white wine.


Aigialos is a traditional fish tavern in Protaras, and the perfect place to enjoy a seafood lunch or dinner by the sea.

Maxim Okulov

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