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Aphrodite’s birthplace is one of the most popular points on the map of Cyprus, known to both locals and visitors to the island. Stones steeped in legend tower nobly above the sea, each year attracting millions of tourists who wish to experience the beauty of the love goddess and touch the magic of the place. But it is not only sightseers who visit this beach. Inhabitants of the whole island stream here on weekends and holidays because it is here that a wonderful fish tavern is located, and it has won the love and respect of connoisseurs of Cypriot cuisine.

Место рождения АфродитыWe start our day with a swim in the gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea. This beach is geared towards wildlife conservation – you will not find the customary sun loungers and umbrellas here.

Here too is a very good souvenir shop and small café, where you can have a cup of strong Cypriot coffee, enjoy an ice-cream or choose from a variety of freshly squeezed juices. When leaving, perhaps take a small coin from Aphrodite’s birthplace, an unusual souvenir which you can only buy here, and which will remind you of your wonderful time.

We move to the tavern for lunch to enjoy dishes of the freshest seafood and fish. If you are travelling from Limassol you will easily recognise the restaurant by the brown signs, but do not miss the turning to the right from the road as it’s a little hard to see. Continue for another few hundred meters and you will find the place.

Review from Cyprus Inform

The fish tavern opened over 30 years ago, аnd its owner Маrios gives joy to visitors with his hospitality and perfect dishes.

It is not only the cuisine that makes this place unique, but also lavish panoramic views, which open from the windows of the restaurant. No matter where you are seated – in the restaurant or on the magnificent veranda, you can always enjoy the sea. Believe me, the views are really unforgettable! Мany people especially come to the neighbouring rocks to see the sunset, while guests of the restaurant can do it in a more comfortable environment.


Дзадзики в Marios restaurantДеревенский салат в Marios restaurantТарамасалат в Marios restaurant

Today we have chosen a fish meze (20 еuros per person, minimum order 2 portions). If you want to sample a traditional Cypriot meze you should visit this place. Our meal starts with traditional Cypriot dips – taramasalata (a mixture of smoked cod caviar, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic), tahini (sesame paste), tzatziki (a cold appetizer made with yogurt, fresh cucumbers and garlic), village salad and оlives. All these are served with a warm grilled lavash, making an unforgettable start to your meal.

We have not finished the first appetizers when a welcoming waitress, who speaks Russian, brings us the second ‘portion’ — mussels, fried squid and a tender octopus. By the way, the octopus is cooked perfectly here, not too dry.

Блюда из морепродуктов и рыбы в Marios restaurantThe next course includes about five different varieties of fish, caught this morning in the Mediterranean and brought by fishermen directly to the kitchen of the restaurant. A grilled dorado appears as a special treat.

A perfect white wine accompanies our meal, delivered from the local vinery, Shoufas, on special orders from Marios. It is worth noting that the tavern has a good choice of both foreign аnd Cypriot wines, several types of beer and soft drinks.

You should have a cup of Cypriot coffee after lunch, while the owner treats you to traditional Cypriot sweets (gliko) – the most delicate fruit in syrup finishes off the meal beautifully. If you do not have a sweet tooth, you are in for another surprise – seasonal fruit from local gardens.

Marios’ menu includes not only seafood and fresh fish, but also a large choice of local deli meats, which you can try by ordering meat meze (17 euros per person, minimum order 2 portions), dishes which are loved by children (hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pizza), and many others.

So, if you want to have a romantic evening, enjoy the panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, or оrganize a banquet or wedding in a unique location, then visit Marios’ tavern. You will not regret your decision.


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