Interior Muse caféA restaurant and bar in the business area of the city of Pаphos serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, together with a variety of cocktails.

There is a panoramic view of the city and sea and a spacious verandah, sheltered by trees and sun shades, to protect you from the sun and where you can also enjoy the beautiful sunsets. It is located in the tranquil area of the old city and comes with convenient, ample parking.

Review from Cyprus Inform

A visit to the Muse will be a purposeful trip as you are unlikely to happen upon it accidentally, being as it is tucked away in a snug dead-end on top of a hill in the old city.

Life of the ancient capital is humming nearby and there is the city hall, police and city court buildings just a few hundred meters away, but calm and tranquility reign in Muse – a fantastic view of the city and the horizon draw the eye, and you can sit and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and take in the view.


Muse café


Yes, you can have breakfast in the eatery and it is pleasant to drop in for a cup of coffee, or for lunch of a light salad or something more solid, but…

The main show starts in the evening! No, the hosts do not call in musicians and singers. This performance is a natural, mesmerizing phenomena, where at the end each day the disc of the sun nears the horizon, gradually turning fiery red. This show is one of the timeless beauties and will leave no one unmoved.

Reserve a table in the ‘orchestra stalls’ at the end of the summer verandah, and you will remember this evening forever!

But, of course, I invite you to Muse not only to enjoy the wonderful view, but also appetizers. So, what have I tried that I can recommend to you?


You must try the rolls made of lightly smoked salmon (Smoked Salmon Rolls, €8.20) – pieces of tender salmon filled with cream cheese, pine nuts and sundried tomatoes. The dressing is oil with saffron and ginger. It goes amazingly with a glass of white wine!

For fans of this spirit order a set of appetizers for ouzo (Antipasti platter, €13.80), but it is not a must as there is plenty of choice: the kefalotyri cheese, grilled halloumi cheese, оlives, peppers stuffed with feta, vegetables, tomatoes, pickled sardines, anchovies, boiled octopus and mussels. Yamas!

The lovers of fresh vegetables will appreciate the Greek salad, which is traditionally called a village salad in Cyprus: Village Salad for €7.50. Tоmatoes, cucumbers, sweet green peppers, fresh mint, оlives, the feta cheese and crispy pita. It is a classic. Those looking for a different combination of flavours will appreciate the Muse Salad, €8.50.


Antipasti platterMuse SaladMuse starter

Hot Dishes

Fish enthusiasts will appreciate the salmon (Salmon, €15.50). A large piece of Norwegian salmon baked au gratin with herbs, is served with tomatoes, small green peppers, cream sauce and white wine, or a sauce made with fresh coriander.

But I chose to order the meat, an enormous pork chop, on the bone (Grilled Pork Chop, 12.80), which was grilled to an appetizing crisp, and served with either mushroom or pepper sauce, potatoes and salad. Those who prefer softer meat can order chicken shashlik (Chicken Kebab Marinated with Yogurt, €12.80). A chicken breast is marinated in yoghurt, grilled, and served with salad, potatoes and tzatziki sauce.


Muse Salmon Muse Chicken Kebab


I should talk separately about desserts, whilst the Muse cocktails are worth special research. By way of summary I can recommend this place for either a short breather during the day, or for a romantic dinner accompanied by one of the most magnetic shows of the world, the sun setting into the sea…

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