The Garden

A restaurant and bar close to the sea. Mediterranean eclectics is a unique combination of tastes and gastronomical traditions of the East and the West.

TWine collectionhe Garden is an eatery, un-missable when walking in the touristic area of Limassol.

The comfortable recreation area of the restaurant is a real secret garden hidden from outsiders’ eyes behind the entrance door, and comes as a pleasant surprise to anyone who steps over the threshold of The Garden. This is only the start of the feast which continues with the dishes cooked by chef Fadi.

An ideal dinner is impossible without a bottle of good wine. Choosing a drink which will fit the meal and the mood is a real art. But nothing is impossible with the wine collection of The Garden – each bottle was carefully selected by chef Fadi.

There is an authentic pizza oven installed in the centre of the hall, producing really crispy pizzas. Enjoy watching the raw dough and topping absorb the energy of the fire, turning it into a culinary masterpiece.


Pizza Interior The Garden

Sushi. The simplicity of a genius. Each ingredient in this Japanese cuisine must be totally fresh, whilst the service must be perfect. The Garden will not hide from you the ceremony of the cooking process, where a unique taste and pleasure are produced by a Master.

You should not limit yourself to the dishes of a certain cuisine. In The Garden you will be able to try food from different corners of the world – Japan, Тhailand, Italy, France and the Mediterranean basin.

For those who cannot imagine a holiday and peaceful meditation without сlouds of fragrant smoke, The Garden offers a nаrgile, with the fresh fruity aroma of apple, pineapple and watermelon.

The Garden – perfection is possible!

Review from Cyprus Inform

The GardenThe Garden conquered me at first glance. Mayakovsky’s line “I Know There Will Be a City Here, I Know a Garden Will Bloom”… came to my mind when I stepped over the threshold of the eatery. Yes, of course, this is a garden – trees and greenery galore immediately cut you off from the outside world, from the hustle and bustle of the touristic area of Limassol, putting you in a holiday mood.

The concept is thought through to the last detail, including the sound of bird song in the bathrooms. The restaurant has very cоmfortable leather sofas and ample space between the tables. The design tunes you in to a thoughtful meal and unhurried conversation.

The Garden is the incarnation of an old dream of Fаddi’s, the owner and chief cook of the restaurant. Faddi was born in Lebanon and there, in the East, he acquired his first culinary experience whilst working in a large restaurant chain in Beirut.

Faddi speaks perfect Russian thanks to his studies in Minsk and 8 years spent in Moscow. Faddi worked in the restaurant business in the Russian capital and became a real star of the television culinary Olympus thanks to his participation in the famous programmes Culinary Fight and Dinner Party.

The Cypriot stage of this chef’s career started in 2008 and drove Faddi to the opening of his pet project, The Garden restaurant.

Faddi’s tastes are very varied. The menu of The Garden is a real gastronomical trip around the world.

The best dishes from around the globe have found a place on the menu of the restaurant – Thai rice, French foie gras, a Far Eastern crab, аuthentic Italian pizza, Irish steaks and Japanese sushi and sashimi…

By the way, Faddi brings special flour from Italy to use in the pizza! Wonderful porcini mushrooms are also delivered from Italy.

Fans of the Russian cuisine will appreciate borsch, fish soup and salmon soup. The Russian set of appetizers – homemade dumplings, pelmenis, Russian salad, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes (€16). Hot dishes include fillet baked with porcini mushrooms in puff pastry.




The restaurant has a wonderful wine collection. French wines are headed by the famous Michel Picard, who produces wine especially for The Garden (white and red).

The best Italian wines are also presented here.

The choice of local Cypriot wines is also good. Pay attention to rose wine Levanda from Kostas Konstantinou (€22 per bottle). The wine is made with Grenash grapes and has a pronounced strawberry fragrance. Greek wine Gerouvasiliou made from Assyrtiko and Malagousia grapes is also worthy of your attention.

What can I recommend? Practically any dish of The Garden is worthy of attention, but the following stuck in my mind.


Seafood salad Provencal (€17). The influence of the Lebanese cuisine is felt in the recipe. Mussels, octopus, squid and shrimps braised in white wine with some lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and coriander adorn a large plate. This is a classic combination – the smell of garlic and coriander suit sea food ideally, with a small portion of fresh salad leaves. It’s a very light and tasty dish. It goes ideally with a glass of white or rose wine on a hot summer day.

Focaccia with parmesan (€7). Тhin, soft, airy dough with crispy sides. And again, a slight aroma of olive oil with garlic plus a noble note of parmesan and dried oregano.

Order this dish instead of bread and you will not be sorry. If you are dieting and do not eat bread, order it anyway!


Focaccia with parmesanSalad

Hot Dishes

Swiss Meat Loaf (€27). A thinly pounded beef fillet, spinach, garlic and the Gruyere cheese are rolled and grilled. The dish is served on a wooden board with young potatoes, porcini mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Cream sauce with porcini mushrooms compliments the dish ideally. Each flavour note is in its right place here, and creates a unified gastronomical composition. Slightly sweet caramalised onion strengthens the taste of the meat.

Baked seabass a la Sicily (€25). This dish is served to the guests of a private yacht club in Sicily. The backbone of the fish is removed and the fish is stuffed with fresh potatoes, оlives, cherry tomatoes and oregano. The taste is amplified by garlic and olive oil. Try it all together – the neutral potatoes, the tender seabass, slightly salty olives and tomatoes – this is a feast of tastes! It is surprisingly beautiful and tasty dish!


Swiss Meat LoafVegetable dishBaked seabass a la Sicily


DessertPavlova with mascarpone (€9). A meringue box, puffy cream and a fanciful decoration made of fresh fruit. Believe me, without it a visit to ‘The Garden’ cannot be called complete.

I left this hospitable restaurant with sadness, the noisy pavement pulled me out of the nook of cosiness and quiet, and I am only waiting for the next visit tо this ‘green kingdom’, which I am sure will take place very soon…

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