Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento

Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento is a small corner of sunny Italy, created by its hospitable hosts Anna and Stefano in Limassol near the Limassol Marina, in the courtyard of the Porto Bello building.

The owners managed to convey the warmth of a small Italian courtyard and visitors are greeted with the genuine Italian hospitality.

Here, an evening spent in a sophisticated setting, under the light music and unusual flavors, will be a truly memorable one. The Wine Boutique is located in the historic center; the very first winery in Limassol, which belonged to the Hadjpavlou family since 1844.


Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per CentoWine Bar Italiano Cento Per CentoWine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento

It is worth noting that not only the delicious cuisine by the Italian chef can be enjoyed, but also the products that are delivered weekly from Italy can be bought here: mozzarella cheese and the famous burrata with truffles or gorgonzola, gorgonzola cheese, Parma ham, salami-felino and more.

And, of course, you can taste and buy fine wines, known throughout the world, or try wines from different provinces of Italy, and get advice which wine is suitable for a particular occasion or dish from experienced English speaking consultant sommeliers.

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One visit to Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento, in our opinion, is not enough. Each time, coming to this cozy restaurant, you will discover new facets of the Italian cuisine.

The chef and owner of the establishment, Stefano, treats his “child” with great love, which he puts into creating unique culinary delights. Here they put their soul into everything, from the compliments of the chef to the real Italian cappuccino.

If you have never been to Italy, by visiting the Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento, you will be able to understand why the Italian cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world.

Well, if you are a fan of Italian food, the gastronomic masterpieces by Stefano certainly remind you about the best moments of traveling around the country.


Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per CentoWine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento

The Menu


Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento The Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento offers a large selection of the most delicate cheeses, including various kinds of famous Burrata cheese: the original, with gorgonzola and truffle. But this is only a small part of the exquisite appetizers that are prepared to be offered by the chef.

Particularly noteworthy are the mushroom and snack pepper appetizers, recently proposed by Stefano to welcome his dear guests. Delicate dishes ideally combined with fresh bread. You just can’t help getting carried away and ordering a second portion!

On the famous Italian charcuterie gourmet there is not much to be said, it is only necessary to note that the Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento offers the best farm products.

The owners know a lot about the gastronomic peculiarities of Italy, therefore carefully select fresh products, which include “real” cheese, delivered weekly by flights from Italy. Some of them appear in the Limassol Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento earlier than in the gastronomic boutiques in Milan and Rome!

Hot dishes

As a true Italian Stefano spoils you with traditional Italian delicacies: tender pizza cooked in a small home furnace, amazing lasagna, pasta of the day, roast beef and other dishes. It is worth noting that the restaurant’s menu changes daily, and every day you have the opportunity to try something new or enjoy familiar and loved dishes.


Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per CentoWine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento

The Italian cuisine offers a great range of fresh products for the true connoisseurs. It is simply created in order for you to have fun, by spending time with friends and family, with the accompaniment of light music and a glass of good wine.

Stefano brings many regional variations of dishes to the kitchen using a variety of cooking spices and creating masterpieces with poultry, meat, nuts and cheese.

Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per CentoWine

Perhaps it is simply impossible to imagine Italy without the unique Italian wines known throughout the world. Anna and Stefano approach the selection of wines for the boutique with great responsibility and incredible love. To the guests they offer indigenous varieties delivered from small and large wineries from different regions of Italy.

In the wine boutique you can make your choice and taste any wine by glass before you order a bottle to your own table or buy it and surprise your guests at home.


From our point of view, you just can’t pass by the wine boutique restaurant Wine Bar Italiano Cento Per Cento and not stop. It offers a wide variety of dishes and an excellent wine list. The relaxing setting created by its hospitable hosts, makes the restaurant the sophisticated lounge bar where time flies by.

The excellent Italian food and the warm ambience are the key components that ensure a pleasant rendezvous and an unforgettable evening!

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